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Top 3 Puppy Breeds for Teaching Children Responsibility

November 4, 2018

When it comes to choosing a puppy to add to your family, you may wonder which breeds are the best for teaching children responsibility.

While it’s no secret that having a puppy will teach a person of any age responsibility, there are certain breeds that are a better fit for children. Read on to learn Petland’s top three puppy breeds for teaching children responsibility. French Bulldog Puppies French Bulldogs are a great choice for families because of their size but don’t be fooled by their miniature size. These dogs require a great deal of love, affection, and care. French Bulldog puppies have great personalities and a unique look, so they are called the clowns of the canine world. This unique feature of French Bulldogs allows children to have fun while learning the ropes of dog care. French Bulldogs require minimal grooming which makes creating a puppy care routine with the kids easy. Their long life expectancy also makes them a great match for families, as children will grow and learn responsibility with their Frenchie.   Boston Terrier Puppies Similar to French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers are small in size. Boston Terrier puppies are easy to groom. They love to play and can participate in the children’s summer activities such as swimming, which makes responsibility feel rewarding. Boston Terrier puppies get tons of attention because they are a staple in American History. Your children will feel proud when doing routine care such as the daily walk. Shih Tzu Puppies Following the pattern of small sized dogs, Shih Tzu puppies will fit right into your family especially if you have small children. Their coats are made up of hair rather than fur, which means less shedding, so children will spend less time cleaning up after Shih Tzu puppies. However, Shiz Tzus do need to be brushed daily which will help children learn to create a routine. Shih Tzus are indoor dogs but they need exercise time, so children will love finding creative ways to play.

Teaching children responsibility can be fun and easy with these breeds of puppies. Stop into Petland today to learn more about family-friendly pet breeds.


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