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Petland Mall of Georgia

Why Choose Petland

Why Choose Petland

We believe in choice!

There are many options for adding a puppy to your family. At Petland Mall of Georgia, we believe that shelters and rescues are a great option for many people. Others want to go to a place like Petland. We believe that consumers should have the right to choose where they find their new family member.

We’re the best!

There are many options for adding a puppy to your family. At Petland, we’re the absolute best option. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • Pet stores like ours are the safest place to buy a puppy from. We comply with all local, state, and federal regulations. Additionally, we have set standards across our stores that go far above and beyond those government and industry standards.
  • We’re also the best in the business when it comes to providing a great, healthy environment for our pets before they go home. Petland uses spacious kennels maintained according to standards set by licensed professional veterinarians.
  • Our puppies are healthy, and we can prove it. A veterinarian examines every puppy before it goes home, and a potential customer is able to see the puppy’s health records before every purchase.

What we do to ensure puppies are healthy while in the store

At Petland, you can feel confident our puppies have been taken care of to the highest standards of care. Maintaining such high standards comes with additional costs, but at Petland we simply do not cut corners when it comes to the health and well-being of our puppies.

Strict and intensive processes for care can be found in each of our stores. They include:

  • Trained Animal Care Technicians monitor the weight, temperature and feeding habits of each puppy every day. Any inconsistencies are noted and reported to the store veterinarian.
  • Petland puppies are de-wormed and vaccinated, too.
  • Petland pet counselors educate the customer on the importance of spay/neuter procedures and often provide discounts and/or incentives to the customer.

We match you with a new friend for life

It’s our mission to match the right owners with the right pets, and we make sure that every one of our pets is ready to be a great part of your family with our protection programs:

  • If there is any kind of health problem, Petland stands behind its Puppy and Kitten Health Warranty – which covers health and hereditary concerns.
  • Petland sends home a Puppy Resource Kit with every new puppy owner. This kit includes local canine resources as well as important pet care information. Also included is a DVD to help train customer’s puppies in housebreaking, socialization and obedience – all key to a puppy becoming a valued family member.
  • Petland puppies also go home with the Petland Enhanced Protection Program (PEPP). This is a strategic partnership combining a national microchip database registry with an Amber Alert-type service, providing an enhanced layer of protection for pets and their families.

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