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Available Kittens

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The Kittens displayed here are not located at Petland Mall of Georgia. Please Visit our sister store Petland Mall of Georgia.

Here at Petland Mall of Georgia, we know that not everyone is a dog person, or a bird person, or a small animal person. You get our drift! Some people are just drawn to kittens and cats and that’s just fine with us. Whether it’s because you like that they are easy to take care of, easy to train or easy to distract with a simple red laser dot, we get it! And that’s why we strive to bring you the best kittens for sale any where in the state!

The Petland name is synonymous with outstanding quality of care and Petland Mall of Georgia is no different. We continue to be a beacon of excellence when it comes to animal husbandry and responsible pet ownership. We source our animals from only the most caring, knowledgeable breeders in the country. Petland wants to raise the bar when it comes to taking care of our little kittens and the parents they came from. We also want to match the right kitten with the right family and meet the needs of both. Our Pet Counselors are well-versed in the breeds of kittens for sale, their personality traits, grooming requirements and so much more! We want you to know how to properly care for the little family member you take home!

Are you looking for a breed of kitten that we don’t have in the store? Just check with our managers to see if we have a reputable breeder that we could find one from. We can’t always find exactly what your looking for, but we’re willing to try! Even if you decide not to home one of our kittens, we can certainly help you build the knowledge to go out on your own. We have loads of important medical and vaccination questions that you can take with you on your journey of cat ownership.

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