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Jillian Valdivieso

Customer Comments:
This place is great and has a wonderful selection! The employees were really nice too! Ms Lauren Petz helped me out and answered all my questions - thumbs up to having this bright young lady! You rock!!

Deborah Minter

Customer Comments: The staff here was so friendly and knowledgeable​. Thank you for answering all of my questions, Lauren Petz. I had to drive a little out of the way but it was well worth it. She absolutely took care of my dog that I consider my baby. Hands down the best around!! Mall of Georgia location is the place to go! 840 Earnest Barrett Parkway NW #494, Mall of Georgia, GA 30144.

Christi Webb

Customer Comments: I have got all of my birds from there (a Sun Conure, a Cockatoo, a Parakeet and an African Grey) and I couldn't be happier with the little family I have created. Sid, Michelle and Alanah has helped me so much in making this possible. They actually listened and didn't just try to sell me. I'm very pleased with their customer service.

Daniel Oquendo

Customer Comments: Excellent customer service, great environment. Employees are so helpful and great at their job. Would recommend this location to EVERYONE.

brooke west

Customer Comments:
My experience was just amazing! they were really quick to let us play with the puppies!! ❤️ i love that place

Amber Ryan

Customer Comments:
I had such a great experience here. Lauren helped me pick out my corgi and was genuinely knowledgeable and cared about all of my questions!

Will Allen

Customer Comments: Lauren was great and super helpful! She help us play with a bunch of cute puppies

Brandon Riba

Customer Comments:
I live in Florida and was in Georgia on vacation and had some spare time and thought I would stop in just to give me something to do. As I walked in, I was greeted by the staff and asked if I needed help. I had a few questions about some of their products and they were very helpful and informative to make sure my questions were answered fully and accurately as they could be. I will have to say that I will be coming back in the future on my next vacation in Georgia and might buy a little furry friend at that. Thank you so much for the great service!

Tiffany Schneider

Customer Comments: I cannot express in words of how great the service and staff are here. They are very friendly and helpful to anything that you might have questions about. I was looking at products for my cat and was not really sure what to get and Alahna helped me buy the right product to assist my situation. I recommend this place to anyone who is need of anything regarding their pets. I am highly satisfied with my first visit. :) Keep Up A Good Work You Guys! :)

Zach Neville

Customer Comments:
I stopped in last week and the manager, Lauren, was awesome. She was so kind and helpful and really helped me cement my decision. I will definitely be returning in the future!

Leah Marie

Customer Comments: Very nice staff :) I like their selection of food and specialty products for pups

Helen Fessette

Customer Comments: Experience was awesome. Always is here. I've gotten a few pets here all which have worked out wonderfully. Lauren was especially helpful especially when explaining the contracts. She didn't leave out any details and was very thorough.

Hannah Floyd

Customer Comments:
Wonderful service at the Mall of Georgia location. Everything was very clean and handled well. The staff was very kind and let us play with as many dogs as we wanted! I will definitely go back :)

Katie Opdycke

Customer Comments: For the first time I have ever been, it was the most amazing experience. The workers were very friendly and helpful. The animals are in great conditions.

Mike Kretz

Customer Comments: They have a very friendly group of employees working in Mall of Georgia. We feel like we are always welcome here when we come to visit.

Deanna sells

Customer Comments: Absolutely love coming into here! All the employees are sweet and always greet you with a smile! A great place to bring your children! The animals are always playful and ready to make your day wonderful!!

Kayla Malecki

Customer Comments: Petland in Mall of Georgia goes above and beyond for their customers and pets. They truly care about the animals and families that take them home. They give you literally every single thing you would need to bring a new puppy or kitten home. They are wonderful. Their birds are pretty awesome as well!


Customer Comments: It was good and the workers were very helpful and knowledgable


Customer Comments: It went well and every one was very helpful and well informed about different products for the dog


Customer Comments: It was really good! I had an awesome time at this Petland. Everyone was super helpful and informative, I would definitely come back again:)

Tegan Mallahan

Customer Comments:
I worked with Matt and he was so helpful and sweet. He answered every question that I had and was able to make my whole experience easy and smooth. I just had gotten a new puppy and he was able to help me find great toys some good food. And he gave me some great training tips. I would 100% come back here.

Kerri Gullick

Customer Comments:
I visited this store for the first time in December of last year and was blown away! The cleanliness is amazing (I've been to other stores that are just gross) there is no smell and all the animal environments look to be kept up with. I loved the bird room! And the puppies. Omg. Cuteness overload. The staff was super friendly and let me play with all the puppies I wanted even though I told them I wasn't purchasing. The pups were all so sweet and well taken care of, and I could just tell how much they were loved by the staff. We will definitely be back!

George Davalos

Customer Comments:
Customer service was awesome. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Very pleasant experience for me and my family. Definitely 5 Stars.

Deborah Smathers

Customer Comments:
I purchased one of their very first puppies 16 years ago and have purchased 7 more since. My pets are loving and healthy. The Petland staff are knowledgeable, kind and always there to help. I love their new store, it's so bright and spacious. I shop there for all my babies needs, but most of all I love my fur babies and the precious moments they have given me. Thanks Petland!

Mike Isaac

Customer Comments:
This store and staff is truly amazing. I have visited this store many times and have always been impressed with the high level of professionalism and care given to the pets and customers. Every time I have visited, I can truly see the passion behind each member of the Petland Mall of Georgia team. Thank you for all that you do!

Keith Carlton

Customer Comments:
Bought a pet from this store this weekend! They made the process of buying my Boxer fast, fun, and friendly!! I will definitely continue to do business with this store for supplies and maybe even a sibling! 10 Stars!

Robin Hayes

Customer Comments:
Our 4 children were dying to get a puppy, so we headed over to Petland in Mall of Georgia to let them decide which puppy they wanted. Petland had just about every breed of dog you could think of, and they were all so stinkin cute it was almost impossible to decide!! Everyone liked a different puppy so they put us in an extra big room so we could all play with all the different puppies we liked for as long as we needed to decide which puppy fit our family the best! Dwan was extremely helpful, patient, and knowledgeable on all the different breeds and training tips! They also have a puppy starting kit that was amazing and had everything we needed to take care of, feed, and train him in one easy box! We ended up deciding on a frenchie that is absolutely the most adorable dog on the planet and people ask me daily where we got him!! Our kids are in love and he is just the sweetest and in perfect health!! I highly recommend Petland in Mall of Georgia and the next time we are in the market for a puppy we will definitely be going back!! ? ?

Robin Ayers

Customer Comments:
I have visited the Petland store in Mall of Georgia numerous times. The new store is beautiful, bright, and cheery. When I was there, the store was quite busy, and many store employees greeted me with a smile. I was helped immediately and my questions answered satisfactorily. I do like the layout of the store, but believe my favorite part is the individual rooms designed for "bonding" with the puppies.

Josh Anderson

Customer Comments:
I have bought 4 animals from Petland three dogs and a cat all have been very amazing !!! Petland has taken care of any issues we had as far as shots or vaccinations I would recommend them to anyone for a family pet

Eli Carson

Customer Comments:
My German shepherd is absolutely astonishing, in great health, loving, smart, and with the information and training I've been walked through it is a breeze to train him and make sure he is going to have a happy healthy fun-filled life!

Andrew Washington

Customer Comments: I have had the pleasure of working with Brad and some of his associates through my design firm Washington Design Group and find his operation to be both extremely professional and of high quality compared to many of the pet store operations in the Atlanta area. I am a pet owner and find that the variety and quality of life that I noticed at Petland was second to none. Because I have had the opportunity to work with Brad from a business standpoint I find him to be of good character and integrity. His staff was always welcoming and made me feel as though I was the only one in the store to look at their selection of pets. I feel that Brad and his operation will go on to do great things for the Atlanta community and make us all proud to know that our pets have a place that cares for them. As long as there is a Petland that will be pets.

Jesse Brown

Customer Comments:
In my opinion as a long time customer and a former employee of many years ago, this is simply the is the most incredible pet store I've ever been to. The level of care and consideration that's taken by the owners of Petland is WELL above and beyond the normal protocol for this type of establishment. There's a reason they've won so many awards over the years and why they're consistently one of the top producing Petlands in the US.

Mariah Rebman

Customer Comments:
Hands down, best experience I've ever had in a pet store. The staff was friendly and accommodating to my family. We didn't know what to expect when we started the search for a puppy. Zach made the process so easy and it wasn't long before we found our match. Thank you Petland Mall of Georgia for making our family complete.

Jason Nemeth

Customer Comments:
I highly recommend Petland Mall of Georgia if your looking to get a new family pet. Amazing new clean store and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Jace Barrera

Customer Comments: Our experience finding our wonderful newest family member at Petland was amazing to say the least! I was very impressed with the quality of pets available. The staff was very knowledgeable and helped us find the dog that was right for us. Once we chose our little English bulldog, the staff went above and beyond on making sure we had the best training. We left with not only an amazing dog but training & puppy supplies as well. We recommend Petland to all of our friends and family.

Jason Brown

Customer Comments: My wife found the perfect female yellow lab puppy at your store. I was hesitant until I came to see her. She is beautiful, puppy breath and all. The staff was incredible and the fact that we could finance her, made our decision easy. She came with an entire kit, they explained training, and we left with her that day. The kids love her and we would definitely recommend to friends and family. Thanks for helping is find a best friend.

Carley Williams

Customer Comments: Amazing would recommend if your looking for a adorable, adventurous, playful pup to take home. Petland has awesome staff that are always happy to help, will get you as many dogs as you want to look at and tell you a little bit about each one. For sure is a warm and loving environment. Definitely making a trip back to Petland in the near future!

Ezekiel Hodges

Customer Comments: I love that this store is locally owned and operated. The ownership and staff clearly put a great deal of effort into maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for both the pets and customers to enjoy. If you are looking to add a new family member, Petland will be sure to match your furry friend with the needs of your family.

Emily Cross

Customer Comments: So happy that I was able to get a puppy! Amber helped me pick out the best one for me and really spent time to figure out everything I needed. Can't wait to start puppy training classes with my new baby.

Savannah Leigh Bruce

Customer Comments: I worked very closely behind the scenes with this company for several months. They are above reproach and sincerely desire to operate with integrity and do so on a daily basis. Good people that do their best all-around.

Peter Maraldo

Customer Comments: The new store is amazing and the staff is super knowledgeable about all the puppies. 3 years ago we got our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Mia) from the store. She is the most affectionate dog we ever owned. Our Vet thinks she great as well. Everywhere we go people stop and comment how stunning she is. We purchase our dog food and other items at the store and we are often greeted with "how is Mia" by the staff. Family run stores are just Awesome.

Kyle Olson

Customer Comments: Excellent selection of puppies that are from great breeders! Staff was very friendly and helpful, great place to take the family.

Jolene Gretz

Customer Comments: Pet land in Mall of Georgia is owned and managed better than I have ever seen any other pet store. They are innovative and ever changing to keep up with the best products and supplies for many different types of pets. They also have a variety of companions to choose from so you can actually bond before you make a life changing commitment. The team is very educated and they have specialists in each department so that you have all of your questions answered. The store is owned and managed by a family and you definitely feel that family quality.

Bobby Brown

Customer Comments: We have been visiting Petland in Mall of Georgia for the last 10 years. It became a regular destination on family days. We have always loved how they encouraged you to come in and play with the puppies, even when you didn't come in to buy an animal. About 3 years ago our family dog was having health issues. That's when we fell in love with Beavis, our miniature English Bulldog. We were very worried about how much time we would have for a new puppy and about health issues specifically. The staff was great. They taught us some great methods for potty training, helped us with what to do as far as vet care, taught us about dog foods and just overall cared about our new family member like he was there own. Not like any pet store I have ever been to. 5 stars!


Customer Comments: Very pleased with my visit, brought puppy into vet today and everything is good.


Customer Comments: store visit was good, sydney the puppy counselor was amazing, they answered all my questions. nothing about my visit stood out


Customer Comments: good visit, raine was great, she was persuasive, she answered all my questions and concerns.


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing good! The store experience was good. Amber was informative, knowledgeable, and very helpful.


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing great! He is wonderful and amazing! The store experience was great! Matt was really good, very informative and knowledgeable.




Customer Comments: The puppy is doing good. The store experience was good. Matt was able to answer all of his questions and concerns, took his time and provided excellent customer service.


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing good! Active, happy and healthy. The store experience was great. Sydney was excellent, very patient. She was so knowledgeable, helpful and really provided excellent customer service.


Customer Comments: Had a wonderful time there, they were able to answer all of the questions as well as provide great customer service!


Customer Comments: It was a good time there, they were able to answer all of her questions, the store was clean and neat! They had a wonderful time there!


Customer Comments: Matt was awesome! He went above and beyond for them. He was very patient with them. This was the most amazing experiencing she has ever had! If wasnt for Matt she wouldnt have bought the puppy.


Customer Comments: The store and staff were nice. Rebecca did answer all her questions.


Customer Comments: The store and staff were amazing. Cassie did an amazing job, she said she should be supervisor. Shes loving her puppy.


Customer Comments: Store and staff were very nice. Barbara helped her out a lot. Her puppy is having so much fun.


Customer Comments: The store was clean and the staff was friendly. Ariyanna answered all of her questions and concerns.


Customer Comments: It was her first time at the store and she was so amazed at how fast it was. Raine was very mature and was amazing at helping her pick the dog of her dreams. She is just loving her new companion.


Customer Comments: The store was very clean, staff was nice. Raine was great. it was difficult to chose the right puppy because they were all so cute. she love her puppy.


Customer Comments: The staff was friendly. Barbara was very helpful.


Customer Comments: The store was very friendly and helpful. Matt and Alex answered all her questions and concerned. She is loving her new companion and hasn't left her lap all day.


Customer Comments: The store experience was able to answer all questions and concerns. very informative, nice and helpful staff. The puppy is doing great! She did tell Sydney/Alex upon purchase she would not be taking the pup to the Marietta Vet Clinic and instead is taking her pup to a vet closer.


Customer Comments: store experience was great! everyone was polite, nice and informative. Jordan as great as well.


Customer Comments: store experience was pretty good.. Mikaela was really good. This is our second pup we got from petland. our overall experience was great


Customer Comments: Store experience was good. Jordan was great he was helpful and answered all of my questions. He was also very informative.


Customer Comments: store experience was great! Sydney was great as well very helpful. She gave us space to bond and connect with foxy!


Customer Comments: Puppy is doing great! Very attached to her new owner. The store experience was great. The minute they came in, they were catered too. Everyone was helpful, attentive and informative!


Customer Comments: It was nice quick and easy, Alex and Raine were very helpful


Customer Comments: Barbara was absolutely amazing! She really made the sale. She was very pleasant!


Customer Comments: Jordan was amazing, they staff was absolute amazing. Been with us for 20 years and many more! She will never shop any where else but here!


Customer Comments: It was excellent, Amber was excellent he had a great time they were very helpful and went above and beyond for him!


Customer Comments: Sydney was very helpful and knowledge able. She was very helpful! She had a great time there!


Customer Comments: It was great, Sydney and amber very attentive to her. The customers service was amazing! She is very happy with her new puppy!


Customer Comments: It was a great time, Becca and Savannah were absolutely amazing! They couldnt have asked for a better experience !


Customer Comments: It was very good, They were very helpful. They were able to to answer all her questions.


Customer Comments: This was the BEST experience for her at petland kennesaw! She said that Jace, she couldn't do this without him! He was the best help. He answered all of her questions. She loved everything about her visit at the store.


Customer Comments: She loves her new puppy! She said that her puppy counselor Jace was amazing, very charming! She says she loves that you can come into the store and play with the puppies!


Customer Comments: She's happy with her new puppy. Her puppy counselors Amber and Matt where a lot of help to her and they answered all of her questions.


Customer Comments: This store had 100 percent great service! and I would definitely come back again.


Customer Comments: It was excellent! they were friendly, knowledgeable and very caring about the customers.


Customer Comments: It was good! everyone was very helpful and polite at this store.


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing good! Happy, active and healthy. The store experience was good. The customer service was good.The staff was friendly, nice and helpful


Customer Comments: Store visit was good. Jace was great he was very informative and attentive. He was also very nice and patient


Customer Comments: store visit was perfect! Jace was very helpful. He showed us around the store let us hold and play with whatever puppy we wanted until we found our baby girl. He was very informative and patient.


Customer Comments: This was my first time purchasing a puppy and I'm so happy with my experience at Petland Mall of Georgia. All the puppy counselors were polite and helpful. Savannah was very knowledgeable about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed. She made sure to answer all of my questions before leaving with my new family member.


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing good! The experience was great, the service was wonderful! Mikaela helped them out with setting up training classes as well.


Customer Comments: Had a Terrific time! THe staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They will always go here for any of their pet needs!


Customer Comments: It was amazing! I had the best time there! What a wonderful birthday surprise I had when I found out she was getting a puppy!Matt was very helpful and knowledgeable on everything I needed


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing great! The experience was great. Amber was really patient with the family and answered all of their questions even if they were redundant. They were very happy with the service


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing great! Happy, active and playful! She fits perfectly in the house! The experience was overall great! First time visiting the store and have nothing bad to say! Everything and everyone was great, great, great!


Customer Comments: it was perfect! everybody was so nice! puppy is doing great! No complaints or concerns! The puppy is happy, healthy and doing well!


Customer Comments: puppy is doing great! good store experience! Matt did a great job providing customer service and answering all of his questions and concerns at the store.


Customer Comments: store visit was great! everyone was very nice! Savannah was awesome she knew her stuff. She was very patient and not pushy! It was an easy process.


Customer Comments: store visit was amazing! I've had experience with petland before and I love the company as a whole. Amber was outstanding. she knew her stuff and did it very professionally. I fully trust petland and will not go to any other pet store!


Customer Comments: puppy is doing good. Store experience was good and well. Barbara did an awesome job helping him out and answering his questions


Customer Comments: great experience, Mikaela was wonderful! She helped me out a whole ton!


Customer Comments: The experience was amazing and Sydney was wonderful help!


Customer Comments: got in, got the puppy, got out. Great quick service! Very happy with the store.


Customer Comments: store experience was great! Barbara helped them out a lot! She was very patient, understanding, and informative. She constantly checked up on them while giving them the space they needed. Dog is doing great.


Customer Comments: good experience. It was a solid experience. Barbara was great with helping them out and being patient while they made a decision.


Customer Comments: the store experience was good, all the workers were kind, nice, knowledgeable and very helpful.


Customer Comments: experience was good. Devin was wonderful in helping them out and answering all their questions. Store was busy but everyone did their best to provide service to each customer.


Customer Comments: good experience at the store!


Customer Comments: very happy with the store experience, Cassie helped out tremendously.


Customer Comments: happy with the experience at the store, Taylor helped out immensely situating Sasha as a first time pet owner.


Customer Comments: was very impressed by the service they received at the store yesterday, and from Barbara. Very happy with their new puppy and he has adjusted fast to their new home.


Customer Comments: Emily did awesome. very detailed and friendly. answered all of his questions. No questions or concerns.


Customer Comments: Alex was great. very happy with her purchase. No questions or concerns.


Customer Comments: Sydney was very helpful and through. puppy is doing fine. no questions or concerns.


Customer Comments: They had a good experience, the service was great.


Customer Comments: Sydney was amazing and was able to help them with everything they needed for their puppy! It was a fantastic experience


Customer Comments: It was great visit, very nice Ericka, eric, emily was very helpful they were knowledgable and they made it easy for them


Customer Comments: Eric was good. He was very Informitive!


Customer Comments: puppy is doing really good, store experience was wonderful as well


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing wonderful! The store experience was good. Was there for a couple of hours and had a great time looking through all of the puppies! Hardest part was picking just one! She had a great experience at the store and couldn't be happier


Customer Comments: We have had no problems at all so far! Our puppy is absolutely the best and we love her so much, thank you for all your help I would recommend you to everyone!


Customer Comments: puppy is good, store experience was great


Customer Comments: Puppy is good, enjoyed Petland service


Customer Comments: It was great. We had an awesome experience!


Customer Comments: So far so great, we've had a wonderful experience with Petland and Eric was a great help to us!


Customer Comments: My experience was pretty good and the service awesome!


Customer Comments: Petland was awesome! Emily did a great job helping us out.

Rick and Michelle

Customer Comments: Everything has been perfect at petland, we've purchased multiple puppies from here and they've always made sure we were well taken care of! Wonderful Experience!


Customer Comments: Petlands been wonderful, this is our second puppy from their and we've always had wonderful experiences!


Customer Comments: I'd refer anyone to Petland they are super helpful and really take care of the puppies, 10 out of 10 service here!


Customer Comments: Everything went fine at the petland store, no problems, no concerns!


Customer Comments: Alex did such an amazing job helping us pick out our new puppy! What a wonderful experience that I had. Definitely satisfied with the service


Customer Comments: Emily did such an amazing job helping us out!


Customer Comments: The employees have been cooperative at petland and really wonderful.


Customer Comments: Dwan was very helpful, and a great employee, he made our visit to petland wonderful and we love our puppy!


Customer Comments: Everything's gone great so far, we've enjoyed our puppy and really liked the experience in the store!


Customer Comments: Petland was great, they had a bunch of nice puppies and had a great store!


Customer Comments: It was great, if I had to rate them it would be a 10/10!


Customer Comments: The store was nice and the whole experience was pretty good, we were taken care of and had no issues at all!


Customer Comments: It was wonderful. And amber was wonderful at the store!

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