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Three Hypoallergenic Puppies

December 24, 2018

Have you always wanted a dog but never considered it because you’ve known from a young age that you react badly to dogs?

It is very common for humans to be allergic to dog fur but that does not mean that you can not get a dog for yourself. There are dogs for sale that are hypoallergenic. If you’ve never heard that word before, it means that these dogs don’t shed and there is a slighter chance of you being allergic to these dogs. Some of these dogs include the Maltese, Shih Tzu, and Schnauzer puppies. These dogs are some of the most friendly dogs a person can own. Here are some characteristics of each of these dogs.


Maltese puppies are a small dog breed. They make for great lap dogs, but that does not prevent them from being some of the most playful and outgoing dogs on the planet. These dogs often think that they are bigger than they really are and try to play with any/all dogs no matter how big or small they are. A Maltese would be a great dog for you to look for if you are willing to spend a lot of time playing with these non-shedding dogs.  

Shih Tzu puppies

Shih Tzu puppies are some of the most affectionate and loyal dogs out there. They are small and love spending quality time with their owners. As well as they are always alert and very intelligent. These dogs sometimes act as guard dogs in the house and are very protective of their owners. Like Maltese puppies, Shih Tzus often think they are bigger than they really are even as a puppy!  


If you are looking for a more obedient dog that’s easier to train the Schnauzer may be the right hypoallergenic dog for you. These are extremely spirited dogs that love spending time with their owners. They are extremely intelligent which makes them easier to train. They are also some of the most fearless dogs out there which can be a very great trait to have in a household dog.  

If you thought that your chances of owning a dog were completely over, rest assured knowing that there is still hope for you to own a hypoallergenic dog. Do not just buy any hypoallergenic dog! Make sure that you understand some of their personality traits beforehand so you chose the right dog for yourself. Just search for Maltese for sale, Shih Tzu puppies for sale, or Schnauzers for sale near me and your results will lead you directly to Petland! Visit our page at and we will be happy to show you our selection of dogs in these breeds.

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