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The 5 Benefits to Owning a Small Dog

August 4, 2018

An argument can be made for large and small breed puppies for sale!

It really boils down to personal preference. At Petland, we have both, but in this post, we’re playfully siding with the small dogs! Here’s our lighthearted take on the glory of owning a small dog.  

  1. Let’s face it, walking them is a breeze! The majority of small dogs don’t require a ton of exercise, and if they do, it’s quite easy to tire them out! There’s no need for taking laps around the block or neighborhood with these pups. Sometimes a game of fetch in the house is sufficient!
  2. Our small breed puppies for sale are portable. By that, we mean they’re easy to accompany you to places. If you live in pet-friendly cities, bringing them inside stores won’t cause an uproar and may even be welcomed!
  3. Owning a dog, in general, is a great way to meet people. Having a small dog opens the social pearly gates even more! People aren’t as intimidated, and they usually come up to you to start conversations about your precious pup.
  4. Small breed puppies for sale are cheaper to feed, for obvious reasons. Need we say more
  5. Not all watchdogs are big dogs. The small ones can serve as deterrents too. Not all small dogs have high pitched barks either. Take the Shih Tzu for instance. Boy, do they have barks that’ll make you pause! Corgis have powerful barks too, even though they’re very friendly. An intruder won’t assume so especially if they can hear but not see them!

According to the American Kennel Club, the most popular dogs registered with them each year are small dogs. Below are some of those small breed puppies for sale found right here at Petland.


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