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How To Cope With Stress And Anxiety

December 28, 2018

It can be hard going through life with mental illnesses like stress and anxiety.

These can be some of the hardest illnesses to deal with on your own. Strangely enough, dogs are able to help. Some dogs have the ability to be trained to notice a change in behavior that may signify that their owner is becoming upset. Dogs act as an intervention plan and can help stop their owner from becoming entirely overwhelmed at the beginning phases of an anxiety attack. Dogs can be a way for their owner to refocus on what’s right in front of them. Here are just a few dogs that can help with anxiety and stress.

Labrador Retriever

Labs are very even-tempered, gentle, and trusting dogs. They will immediately build an unbreakable bond with their owner as soon as they meet them. These dogs are some of the best of friends. They are very aware and do not like to see their owners upset at all without trying to help. These are some of the most loving and strong dogs and anyone with these types of mental illnesses should consider getting.


Pugs are extremely attentive and loving. They will share a bond with you like no other. They are some of the most precious dogs on the planet. Because of their attentive personality trait, they can tell when you are becoming upset very quickly and will act right away to try and help you. These dogs are easy to train and the perfect friends to have around. There are Pugs for sale at Petland just waiting for a new friend. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel These guys are adaptable, patient, and playful. They understand that an anxiety attack can take form in many ways and because of their ability to adapt to different environments, they are able to understand when you may need assistance even if you are having different symptoms than normal. They are also playful and will help distract you during times that you may be feeling down. There are Caviliar puppies for sale at Petland, of course.  

Living with a mental illness as severe as anxiety can be very stressful. Anxiety attacks can come at any time and knock you off track from what you were trying to get done that day. Thankfully, dogs were blessed to live on this earth with us and some can act as a care keeper. It is important that you talk with your therapist first to make sure that getting a service dog is something that you need. Petland can be the perfect place for you to buy this dog to help keep your life on track!


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