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Dogs That Make Great Friends For an Only Child

December 26, 2018

Having kids is one of the hardest tasks anyone can go through.

They require so much attention and care that can be hard to handle sometimes. If you had one kid and did not decide to have another you may feel like you need someone to help you give attention to your child. What better idea than getting a dog for your only child. Dogs can be the best of friends to any child especially in times where you are too busy to match the amount of attention your child needs. Here is a list of some of the most loyal dog breeds you should consider when buying your child a dog.


Akita puppies are extremely loyal pets. They tend to attach to their owners and have a significant protective trait. Akitas work best in pairs rather than in groups. They become very anxious in groups but act the complete opposite while in more intimate settings. They are responsive to whatever it is you need at the moment, whether it be someone to play with or to lay down with and cuddle.

German Shepherds

A German Shepherd puppy is extremely friendly and obedient. If your child lacks a lot of patience and needs a dog who responds to what they need immediately, then you should highly consider getting a German Shepherd puppy. These dogs are also very confident dogs. They will help your child grow to be more confident around others.


There are almost always Boxer puppies for sale at any dog store. Typically these dogs are devoted and extremely cheerful. These dogs will make sure that your child’s needs are being taken care of due to their extreme intelligence. They can also be very calm when they need to to help your child calm down.  

If you are struggling to find someone or something to help spend quality time with your only child, you should invest in getting one of these dogs. There are Akita puppies, German Shepherd puppies, and Boxer puppies for sale almost always at Petland!


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