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Akita Puppies at Petland!

September 4, 2018

Akitas are bold and powerful dogs who are respected around the world.

Despite their ability to naturally protect their surroundings and families, they are equally devoted to being loving dogs, especially to children. They love to be a part of their family so never leave the Akita puppies for sale in GA that you’ve purchased outside. They would be extremely unhappy as outside dogs, despite their love for the snow. The Akita requires extensive training so be sure to socialize them early and frequently. They have a natural inclination toward guarding and protecting. Try using positive exposure to various people, places, and things, both at home and in public. They are pretty aloof toward strangers and can be aggressive toward unknown dogs. When it comes to exercising Akita puppies for sale in GA, you should know that they require daily exercise. They’ll be pleased with a daily walk or jog, for 30 to 45 minutes. They love to climb and dig but aren’t extremely hyper dogs. If you have an outdoor space, keep them secure in a six foot fenced in area because you don’t want them digging their way out. This is especially true during snowy seasons because it’s fun and a game for them! Akita puppies were commonly referred to as “snow country dogs.” They were bred in snowy and mountainous regions in Japan named Akita and Odate. Their thick double coats protected them from the harsh winter elements. Thankfully they have an undercoat that is thicker, softer, and shorter than the outer coat. On the flip-side, their outer coat is kinda coarse and straight and stands “off the body” which conveniently makes them waterproof! Their coats are really coats (in a human sense) because they keep off ice and snow and provide continuous insulation. Perfect!  

Our Akita puppies for sale in GA are ready to provide some warmth and love! Come by today or check out our available puppies online. Feel free to contact us for additional information.


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