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5 Tips and Tricks for Bonding with Your Dog

November 18, 2018

Buying a dog is a commitment that requires time, energy and love.

Bonding with dogs can be a lot different than bonding with humans. If you are concerned about your ability to form a lasting bond with your puppy, read to learn tips and tricks for bonding with your pet.

  1. Petland understands that when buying a dog one of the keys to a successful relationship is puppy training. This is why when buying a dog from Petland you can expect to receive the four basic needs tour and a training kit. Puppy training requires consistency and lots of positive reinforcement. Petland is here to support you through your journey with a group setting and personalized trainings so that you can have great communication with your pup.


  1. Breeds like Cockapoo puppies can require exercise as part of their daily routine. Luckily you need exercise too. Share this time and create a bonding experience by going on routine jogs in the park. The endorphins released during a short exercise session will help you and your pup bond and feel less stressed.


  1. Your dog loves naps just as much as you do. Try taking a nap together in your bed or on the couch. Waking up next to you can make your pup feel more connected and can strengthen your bond.


  1. A hungry dog isn’t happy, and a happy dog isn’t hungry. Try feeding your dog at the same time you eat to create a routine and prevent begging. Shared meal time also creates a bond by reinforcing equality among you and your pet. No more smelling human food and being denied a taste, as shared meal time helps dogs to focus on devouring their own food.


  1. Taking your dog with you on an adventure is another great way to improve your bond. Whether you go hiking or to the beach, a new setting with trusted friends can be just what the doctor ordered. Take your dog on out as you explore the world to experience the adventurous side of your best friend.


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