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The Best Dog Breeds for Working From Home

September 1, 2020

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Working from home may seem like a dream come true — you can wake up late in the morning, make your own schedule, and even listen to your favorite music. But like everything else, this lifestyle has its drawbacks. A whopping 20% of remote workers feel lonely, while 18% are unable to unplug.

One way to overcome these struggles is to get a pet. Dogs make great companions and can help you achieve a better work-life balance. 

This brings up the question: what are the best dog breeds for working from home? Should you get a Chihuahua, a corgi, or a French bulldog? What about a larger breed — like an Akita or a Bernese mountain dog?

Let’s find out!

Greyhounds Are Quiet and Playful

While it’s true that Greyhounds are some of the fastest dogs out there, they don’t mind being left alone all day. Beyond their grace and speed, they’re known for their obedience and affection.

A Greyhound will enjoy spending time with you at home, but he’ll be happy to go out for a walk. If you have a garden, that’s even better. Let your furry companion run free in the yard — and join him when the time allows for it.

Pugs Are Couch Potatoes

Pugs are charming and even-tempered, with a playful personality. They tend to follow their owners everywhere and enjoy observing things. This breed is ideal for families with children and adapts well to apartment living.

The Pug requires little maintenance and thrives on human companionship. This makes him ideal for novice pet owners and those spending a lot of time at home. His lifespan (12 to 15 years) is significantly longer than that of other dog breeds.

Bichon Frises Are Friendly and Curious

Like pugs, Bichon Frises love companionship and follow their human parents like a shadow. They’re bold, affectionate, and curious. Their obedient nature makes them perfect for families.

This small dog breed is highly adaptable and enjoys cuddling. While it’s true that Bichons need daily grooming, they’re fairly easy to take care of. Just make sure you take him out for daily walks and play with him whenever you have some free time.

A major advantage of getting a Bichon Frise is that you won’t have to worry about shedding. Compared to other small dog breeds, they’re less likely to trigger allergic reactions as they shed a negligible amount of hair.

Akitas Are Loyal and Protective

If you prefer a larger dog, you can’t go wrong with an Akita. This breed is loyal, protective, and fearless. Your furry companion will follow you everywhere and do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Unlike other large breeds, Akitas are mostly quiet and rarely bark or howl. However, they do make funny moans, grunts, and mumbles. Although they’re not lapdogs, they adapt well to apartment living and don’t require hours of exercise.

Discover the Best Dog Breeds for Your Home and Lifestyle

Getting a dog doesn’t necessarily require changing your lifestyle. On the contrary, you should choose a pet based on your lifestyle and personality. Consider the space in your home, as well as how much time you can dedicate to your furry friend.So, are you ready for a new family member? See our pet store to find the perfect puppy! Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and discover the best dog breeds for your lifestyle.

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