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Petland Speaks: How To Potty Train A Dog In 7 Days

February 25, 2018

Adding a new puppy or an adult dog in your life or family can bring unfathomable joy to your home.

In order for your newest addition to fully thrive and become a hassle free member, learning how to potty train a dog in 7 days is going to be essential. Here at Petland Mall of Georgia, we’ve put together a potty training guide for you to follow. We want you to keep in mind that these are the initial steps, however to fully housebreak your puppy it can take four to six months of consistency and patience.

Firstly, walk your dog at the same specific time every morning. Much like humans, they need to relieve themselves as soon as they wake up. While on your walk, properly monitor them and wait until they go, before you go…back inside! Allow your dog to play or have some free time for an hour. Secondly, you need to create a feeding schedule that you will be able to adhere to realistically. We say “realistically,” because we want you to be sure that what you plan for you’ll be able to actually execute. A consistent eating schedule, with no snacks or treats in between meals, is key to establishing a consistent potty routine and will ensure that you learn how to potty train a dog in 7 days. how to potty train a dog in 7 days  

An hour after the first walk, give your puppy something to eat and drink. Watch him carefully after he eats, because some dogs have the urge to go potty immediately after eating. If you notice him sniffing, whining, circling, barking, wandering around the house, or even scratching at the door, scoop him up and go for your second walk! Ideally you should wait 90 minutes before the next walk, but if you detect the aforementioned signs, follow them! You want to make the elimination experience an enjoyable one, so reward your dog for his good behavior by giving him a treat or verbal praise IMMEDIATELY after he’s done his business. Pay attention to where your dog has gone and take him to the exact same spot each time you take him outside.

Now it’s back to puppy play time.  Allow your dog some free play, but in a closely monitored and enclosed room, such as a kitchen. If you have decided to crate train your puppy while housebreaking, crate him for a consistent number of hours daily. Provide him with toys for entertainment and to prevent boredom, however under no circumstances should food or water be introduced during this time.

Remove your puppy from his crate or end free time at a specific time by giving him some food and water. If possible, wait for 90 minutes and then take him outside. When you come back inside, allow him at least 30 minutes of free time before crating him.

The next step to learning how to potty train a dog in 7 days is giving your dog food for the third and final time. Feed your dog at 6pm and take him outside within 30 minutes. Now is a great time to allow him to play a bit outside and learn his surroundings. Give him 30 minutes of outdoor or indoor playtime or place him in a crate or closely monitored enclosed area.

For the last time of the day, offer your the puppy water at 8pm, however do NOT allow him to drink after 8:15pm. Take him outside within 30 minutes and just as before, give him 30 minutes of playtime or crate time. Before bed, take him outside at 11pm for the last and final time of the day. Ideally crate training him overnight would be best to prevent any late night accidents. Congratulations! You’ve made it and completed a week of learning how to potty train a dog in 7 days. After this full week of consistency, your dog should be advancing towards little to no accidents inside and purposeful eliminations outside. Remember to continue to follow a regimented feeding and potty schedule to further ensure your success. Feel free to contact any of our knowledgeable staff here at Petland for more tips!

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