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National Deaf Dog Week 2019

September 23, 2019

When is National Deaf Dog Week? This year it’s September 24 – October 1, 2019. Let’s all celebrate deaf and hearing-impaired dogs! Deaf dogs are amazing animals and extremely smart. They can be just as much fun as hearing dogs, if not more since they rely on their other senses. In fact, deaf dogs can be even more loving to their owners and other pets. Deaf dogs have special qualities that make them unique and irresistible. These dogs are by far the sweetest animal you’ll ever have. Deaf dog owners praise their dogs and speak very highly of them. In fact, they couldn’t imagine life without them. Here are a few things you should know about deaf dogs.

Deaf Dogs Come in All Types of Breeds

Many amazing breeds of dogs are born deaf and can develop deafness as they grow older. Studies have shown these breeds of dogs are more likely to be born deaf than others. 

Deaf Dogs are Extremely Intelligent  

Among other capacities, deaf dogs can learn sign language. They are just as intelligent dogs as hearing dogs and listen in their own manner. Deaf dogs can be trained with ease since their other senses are heightened. They can alert you when there is danger by feeling vibrations before a sound is made. Whether it’s loud fireworks or noisy construction these dogs are not frightened.

Deaf dogs really do listen to their owners with their hearts, which makes them even more lovable.

Deaf Dogs Make Excellent Companions

Deaf dogs serve as good service dogs to those who need an extra hand and heart. These dogs are calm in noisy environments and only respond when necessary. Deaf dogs come in hand to people of all ages and needs. Children experiencing high anxiety and seniors suffering from loneliness can all benefit from these excellent companions. Deaf dogs can be used as:

Deaf Dogs have heightened Other Senses

There is no need to worry that your dog won’t be able to protect you or even know when there is something going on around you. Deaf dogs have a high sense of awareness and will keep you safe using these senses.

Deaf dogs can alert you of an on-coming car you may not feel or see. They can also detect people with their keen sense of smell. If someone is coming around the corner and you don’t see or hear them your deaf dog will probably alert you. Their sight ability is also heightened, and they can recognize good or danger from afar. Deaf dogs brilliantly make up for any lack of hearing with their other senses.

Deaf Dogs Need Homes Too

Like most dogs, a deaf dog will love you unconditionally. There are many stereotypes associated with a dog who cannot hear, but these dogs are special in their own way. Deaf dogs bring qualities far beyond a normal dog’s abilities. You will not regret adopting a deaf dog during National Deaf Dog Week.     

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