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Petland Mall of Georgia’s Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet

January 9, 2016

Did you get a late start on creating your New Year’s resolutions? If you’re just now working on them, consider how you can include your pet. In the new year, the Petland Mall of Georgia staff encourages you to give pets a new “leash” on life by committing them to a new diet and exercise regimen. For more ideas, read on!

1. Teach your dog a new trick.

It’s never too late to teach your dog something new — or correct an old behavior problem.  Teach your dog a new command or reward them when a bad behavior stops using small food treats. It takes a few weeks of repeating the trick everyday for them to learn, so be consistent and commit!

2. Look again at your pet’s diet.

Our pets have nutrient requirements that vary by age and breed. For example, growing puppies require food higher in protein and enriched with vitamins, minerals and fats essential to growth. In the new year, take a second look at your pet’s food to make sure they’re eating what will keep them in optimal health. Petland Mall of Georgia’s trained pet counselors can help you make the right choice if you need help with your selection.

3. Groom your pet daily.

Brushing your pet is an essential part of keeping your pet looking great and in good health. Commit to brushing your pet everyday to remove excess hair and help distribute natural oils. It might also be a good time to schedule another trip to the groomer for a trim or nail clipping.

4. Make your yearly vet check-up appointment.

Now’s a great time to book your pet’s yearly appointment with their vet. Your pet might be overdue for shots and tests, plus your vet can help provide support and guidance on any changes you’ll be making with them in the new year.

5. Commit to daily playtime.

Whether it’s finding a new toy your cat loves or taking your dog for a daily walk, factoring in playtime is an important part of your pet’s daily routine. Not to mention, active time with your pet will also help you keep your resolutions as well!

6. Measure your pet’s food!

If you “eyeball” your pet’s food, chances are you’re giving them either too much or too little to eat. Now’s a great time to start to use a measuring cup to make sure your dog is eating what they need. The recommended feeding guidelines on your pet’s bag of food is a good place to start. Good luck and Happy New Year! – The Staff at Petland Mall of Georgia

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