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Keeping Carpet Clean with Pets

March 9, 2020

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Whether you have a rambunctious retriever, a diminutive dachshund, or anything else in between, there is always the inevitable pet stain and dirt that gets tracked around on the carpet.

Here’s a list of our favorite ways to keep the house clean. Whether it’s a product from your favorite pet store or making your own cleaner, we know that keeping a clean house isn’t exactly easy work. Read on for our tips.

Eliminate odors

As pet owners, we become immune to the smells of our pets, but visitors can smell by these odors. If a pet has frequent accidents the smell of ammonia can be overwhelming and even cause headaches. Odor eliminators work best when you treat the problem areas directly rather than cover them with aerosol-based sprays. Have your carpet deep cleaned in any areas where frequent accidents happen and use a pet odor eliminators after the deep clean to eliminate the smell and reduce the chances of future accidents.

We’ve found that zeolite powders and rocks are great natural products that absorb odors and oxy clean powders with vinegar in a steam cleaner is a cheap and very effective cleaning solution. Use 1 to 1 ½ scoops of oxy clean with 1 cup of vinegar in your 1-gallon container for your steam cleaner and you’ll thank us later for how easy and cheap it is to clean up those messes.

Use natural options when possible

Natural cleaners are becoming more abundant as research shows that long term exposure to chemicals in cleaning products can cause health problems. Since your furry friend spends more time snuggled up with the carpet, do him a favor and choose a carpet cleaner without the harsh chemicals. Natural products such as baking soda and vinegar are known for the ability to lift stains and are a great alternative. If you prefer chemical-based cleaners limit your deep cleaning frequency to 1 or 2 times per year and make sure your pups don’t enter the home until all the carpets have dried and the smell of chemicals has cleared.

Remove hidden dander

Dander has a way of burrowing its way deep into the carpet, and since not all vacuums are created equal, you may not be removing it with daily vacuuming. Pet vacuums have specials filters that collect and traps pet dander. Since dander is what causes irritation in individuals with allergies, its important to use a pet vacuum to ensure the comfort of your guests. Dusting and wiping surfaces off regularly are great ways to remove dander from countertop, tables, doors, and handles.

Crating when you are away

When you’re at work, the dogs play. The best way to prevent messes when you aren’t home is to crate your dog. Dogs explore trash cans and access countertops easily while you are away. Crating all day while you are work isn’t practical or humane, because dogs need time to eat, exercise and stretch their legs, but it’s a great option while you run errands to prevent accidental messes.

Bathe and groom regularly

Cleaning your dogs regularly can help to prevent unwanted messes. Bathing regularly also helps to decrease excess hair and dander from shedding. During the summer months, your dog’s shedding increases. The appointment to the groomer can help you keep Fido clean and comfortable, and reduce the amount of excess hair in your carpets and rugs.

Scoop the poop

Make a point to scoop the poop so that your yard is a clean environment for your dog to play in. Clearing your yard regularly of poop can help prevent dog waste from being tracked into your home.

We hope that these are tips that you can use in your own home and that you can come up with some others to share with your family and friends. 

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