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In Petland’s Opinion, These are the Funniest Furry Friends!

February 1, 2018

Let’s face it. During these tense political times, we could use some uplifting and light-heartedness!

What makes people smile more than babies and puppies? They have the universal smile power. At Petland Mall of Georgia, we’ve compiled a list of the funniest of our furry friends and we just happen to have many of those small puppies on sale! Check them out right here! Pug – These puppies are natural goofballs. They are extremely comical, even when they’re sleeping and sitting still. They will let you dress them up and seem to enjoy it. Scour the internet and you’ll come across plenty of playful pictures of Pugs. small puppies Siberian Husky – Despite their wolf-like appearances that can be off-putting to some, Siberian Huskies aren’t protective guard dogs. They are actually jovial, free-spirited and playful. At Petland Mall of Georgia, we have Siberian Husky puppies on sale. Pembroke Welsh Corgi – They may win the award for funniest furry friend! Corgis are highly trainable and loyal dogs. They will play and play and play. Because of their intelligence, they can play games and entertain themselves and their owners, for hours. Their fox-like face makes for funny photos, too. Boxer – Boxers are the forever playful and kid-friendly dog and they are sure to fit into a family easily. This medium-sized dog doesn’t know it’s size and never will! They flounce around like puppies and perform silly tricks endlessly. English Bulldog – Their snoring alone is entertainment, that is if they aren’t disturbing your sleeping. English Bulldogs may look intimidating, but these sturdily packed dogs have unexpected spurts of energy. They will run about and engage you then run about and then repeat. Don’t just take our words for it, come down to the Petland Mall of Georgia location and find out for yourself. We have many of these small puppies on sale and we’re eager to show and tell!

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