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Grooming Made Simple: Five of the Most Popular Short Hair Puppies

February 5, 2018

No matter the breed, puppies share certain physical characteristics and personality traits. They mainly play hard and sleep even harder!

They chew things and poop in places where they shouldn’t, but we love them anyways! This is to be expected when you add a new puppy to your family. You know what to expect with their temperaments, but what about taking care of them on a daily basis? Certain puppies require more or less attention, especially those with long hair. If you are in the market for short hair puppies, take a look at the top five short hair breeds: short hair puppies

  1. Dachshund – These little breeds are most recognized and referred to as the “hot dog” dog. They were German bred hunter dogs. These puppies come in miniature and or standard size and thrive well in apartments. They are the perfect short hair puppies for owners who want little to no daily grooming.
  2. French Bulldog – These short hair puppies are unique and stand out in the crowd. They are called “clown dog” or “frog dog,” because of the resemblance to their face. They are affectionate pups and crave the human connection. Frenchies have minimal shedding and do not require special grooming.
  3. Pug – People easily identify Pugs, because of their wrinkly faces and curly tails. These dogs are notoriously known to be extremely sensitive and intuitive to humans feelings. They love to be loved. Although they are short hair puppies, they tend to shed! Invest in some pet hair removal products at Petland Mall of Georgia.
  4. Chihuahua – They say “big things come in little packages.” This is certainly true for Chihuahuas. They are feisty, intelligent, and energetic. They are puppy purse favorites! The long hair Chihuahuas require time and upkeep, whereas the short hair puppies require weekly brushing only to keep the coat shiny.
  5. Boxer – The Boxer is a medium to large dog breed, but these eternal puppies don’t know that. Forever the playful and kid-friendly dog, they are sure to fit into a family easily. Like the Pug mentioned above, Boxers shed but slightly less.

At Petland Mall of Georgia, we have all sorts of short hair puppies for sale and our knowledgeable employees are ready to answer all your questions about breeds and grooming!

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