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Grooming 101 for a Long Hair Puppy

June 18, 2018

So you’re thinking about getting a long hair puppy?

You’ve done your research and you’re prepared for this loving journey. Well, here at Petland, we have long hair puppies for sale and some basic tips for grooming and taking care of them!

Bath time can be a bonding time.

Bathing long hair puppies is an important step to keeping your dog’s hair clean and tangle-free. Use a sulfate free shampoo and hydrating conditioner made for specifically for long hair dogs. Wash and rinse your pup from front to back.

The drying process is important.

Because long hair puppies have…well long hair, it’s going to be extremely important that you properly dry your dog and well. You will need to have towels on hand that are extra absorbent to soak up the excess water. Inevitably, your dog will shake and splash water! Use your towel to shield yourself, too! Depending on the type of long hair puppies you have, a blow dryer, on a low setting, may be more useful and expeditious. Some long hair puppies take at least two to three hours to air dry, so be patient. If it’s a nice and sunny day, take your dog on a long walk to speed up the process.

Keep their nails trim.

If you’re comfortable, purchase nail clippers from Petland to keep dog’s nails neatly trimmed. Long hair puppies tend to have hair that grows past their toe pads pretty quickly. This can be painful for them, so we recommend that you keep their nails trimmed and that you keep the hair around and between their toes trimmed.

Comb and brush their hair.

If you want to keep your long hair puppy’s hair tangle-free, you must brush and comb it on a regular basis. This proactive step will also promote healthy skin. Stop into a local Petland to purchase the perfect brush for your long hair puppy.  Be sure to brush his entire body, including his chest, underarm area, and under their legs. You can also part sections of the hair and apply conditioner to each layer as you part, both after and during the drying process.  

Learning how to groom a dog is a fun experience and helps you to bond more with your pet. Use these simple grooming techniques and your dog will look and feel good.  At Petland, we believe in sharing the knowledge you need to give your dog the best care possible!


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