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Dog It Yourself: 5 DIY Summer Treats for Dogs

June 19, 2020

You love your family and you do everything to ensure their health and safety, including your family dog! Recent surveys show that about 68% of households in America have at least one furry family member, like you!

Some treats lack the love and quality ingredients that we feed our other family members, so why not DIY some healthy pup treats using fresh ingredients?

We found some fun, simple to make, and canine healthy treat ideas to keep your pup cool in the crazy summer heat this season. Keep reading below to learn 3 super fun DIY summer treats for dogs that are sure to keep both you and your canine companion cool!

What Foods Are Healthy for Dogs?

We all know that dogs love to eat human foods of all kinds, even the kinds of foods that might harm their health in the long run. Some foods, like chocolate, are toxic to dogs! 

Prepare your treats with foods like coconut, eggs, and honey while avoiding toxic foods like macadamia nuts, cinnamon, and ice cream. For a more extensive list of canine food compatibility, check out this page.

3 Paw-Some Summer Treats for Dogs

It’s getting hot out there this summer, and it’s time to whip up some frozen homemade dog treats for your furry friend(s). Here are 3 of our favorites:

1. Pb & J Dog Treat Ice Cubes

You’ll need:

How to make them:

  1. Wash the strawberries and remove the stems
  2. Puree water and strawberries in a blender
  3. Pour mixture into ice cube trays
  4. Drop a dollop of peanut butter into each tray, and push it most of the way into the strawberry puree
  5. Stick it in the freezer for several hours until they’re solid

2. Meaty Frozen Dog Treats

You’ll need:

How to make them:

  1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl
  2. Use a large spoon to put the mixture into ice cube trays
  3. Place trays in the freezer until firm

3. Go Bananas Pupsicles

You’ll need:


  1. Use a blender to puree all the ingredients
  2. Pour puree into ice cube trays
  3. Insert 1 treat into each section with one end sticking up
  4. Freeze overnight or until firm

Help Fido Beat the Summer Heat

These awesome summer treats for dogs not only look and smell delectable, but they’re way healthier than giving your pup human ice cream or other toxic summer treats. You might even want to try one yourself!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you love making these super fun frozen dog treats in your own home. Please feel free to share it with your friends and family! For more fun articles like this and much more, check out the rest of the Petland blog!

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