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5 Tips for Bathing Your Dog Efficiently at Home

March 3, 2019

While bathing your pup at home can be fun for you, it may not be so fun for your dog.

Petland understands pet owners who may be wondering how cold is too cold for puppies. New puppies especially, have to get used to being bathed at home. They may try to flee from a bath rather than relax and enjoy being scrubbed with bubbly suds. We want you to know everything about bathing your pup so that you and your dog can comfortably enjoy bath time together.

Tip One – brush your dog’s hair.

Before starting the bath, brush their fur to remove any tangles before putting water on their fur. This can avoid tangles and make it easier to brush your dog’s fur before and after the bath.winter safety

Tip Two – start with the body.

Once your puppy’s head is wet, they may tend to shake because they’re cold. As a caring pet owner, you may get concerned with how cold is too cold for puppies – start with the body first to keep your anxiety down.

Tip Three – blot don’t rub.

Blotting your dog dry will lead to fewer tangles in their fur.

Tip Four – use a towel.

Place a towel underneath your pet to avoid slipping. Your dog may try to run once they see the soap bucket, a towel will keep them in place and prevent them from sliding all over the floor. Be sure to also review winter safety tips for trying to avoid a sick doggie.

Tip Five – after the bath.

After a bath, be sure to dry the inside of your pet’s ears. Leaving them wet could potentially lead to an ear infection.

Tip Six – every puppy breed is different.

Of course, each breed has a separate number of requirements. It is always a good idea to do some research on your specific breed to make sure you are taking all the precautions necessary for your pet’s safety and good health. Also, remember to review winter safety tips to keep your dog warm during these cold winter months. We understand that pet owners wonder how cold is too cold for puppies and at Petland, we hope these winter safety tips were helpful because we love to see pets happy!

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