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  • Yorkipoo Puppies Are a Dream Come True

    People who love the designer or hybrid dogs will find that our Yorkie Poos for sale are an answer to their prayer.

    We happily feature these precious pups at both of our Petland locations, in Kennesaw and Mall of Georgia. Want to know what’s “in store” for you? Take a look at some information we’ve compiled about our Yorki Poos for sale.

    Yorkie Poos for sale are cross breeds of Yorkshire Terriers and Miniature Poodles. The Yorkipoo is active and affectionate, who loves being in the company of people. He is loyal and loves participating in family activities. He’s rather confident and that is thanks to the Yorkshire Terrier in his genes! Overall, Yorkie Poos for sale are laid-back and easygoing and far less demanding than many other small breeds.

    We mentioned the Terrier in his genes, but the Poodle has much to be highlighted.  Because of the Poodle’s notorious intelligence, they are really easy to train. In general, you shouldn’t have any problem with them, especially if you use positive reinforcement. We will say, however, that the Terrier’s stubborn streak may come into play, but that doesn’t affect his ability to be trained.

    The Yorkie Poos for sale that you’ll encounter will be tiny and they will stay small as they age. This makes them great for apartment living, but they can certainly live in any home environment. Bring them around other pets and kids, because they’ll get alone just fine with them. Regarding little children, always monitor their interaction for the safety of the small Yorkie Poo’s body.


    You’ll find that Yorkie Poos for sale are pleasant and precious. Stop by our store today and speak with one of our pet counselors, regarding any questions you may have and how soon you get get one of your own!

  • When Schnauzers and Poodles Collide – A Beautiful Mix

    The Schnauzer is known for its loyalty and fiercely protective nature. The Poodle is known for its clever and fun loving personality.

    Bringing those phenomenal dog breeds together can produce Schnoodle puppies with the absolute best characteristics, while not being headstrong like the Schnauzer or too excitable like the Poodle. If you’ve been reading our previous blog posts, then you already know that we have these perfect pooches right here at Petland. As if you need more reasons to decide, we’re highlighting some other fantastic facts about Schnoodle puppies. Continue reading to experience their surrounding hype!



    Schnoodle puppies first made their appearance in the 1980s and have consistently been one of the most popular designer breeds, probably because of the various range of shapes and sizes. Poodles are one of the most commonly mixed breeds, if not the most popular. It’s indeed because of the breed’s exceptional intelligence, low shedding, and low dandruff coats. Whatever the case, there’s no denying their good nature and steady temperaments.


    Physical Appearance

    Schnoodle puppies are a surefire genetic lottery, because they can be anything! When they are mixed, most commonly it’s the result of the toy or miniature Poodle crossed with the miniature Schnauzer. Consequently, the will weigh anywhere between 10 to 25 pounds. However, some are much larger than this when the standard Poodle and giant Schnauzer is mixed. The coat can be many different colors, including:

    • Black
    • Black and white
    • Black and tan
    • Sable
    • Brown
    • Grey
    • Apricot
    • White


    Temperament and Character

    Schnoodles puppies are very affectionate dogs that love to be the center of attention. ’Tis true! They are beyond fun loving and most have a range of tricks to pull out of their bags to perform when they feel like the spotlight is not on them. Trust and believe that they’ll grab and maintain it if they feel they are being ignored. Through heredity, they instinctively are known to protect their people and property. They are vigilantly steadfast in this task, sometimes becoming rather noisy guard dogs. Admittedly, Schnoodle puppies and adult dogs can become a nuisance to nearby neighbors with their incessant, high shrieking barks, particularly when they’ve been left alone for prolonged periods of time. It’s recommended that a dog walker be hired or that they’re taken to a  doggy daycare during the day, to prevent such disturbances and to call the Schnoodle puppies’ nerves.



    Overwhelming, most Schnoodles are exceptionally intelligent dogs and easy to train. As we previously mentioned, they will pull tricks out and follow commands as part of their one-man-show! They aren’t particularly treat motivated. They will follow commands…just because!  


    Honestly, we can’t sing their praises enough! We implore you to come into either of our Petland locations and purchase one or two Schnoodle puppies, because we truly believe it’s a decision you will cherish many times over! Should you have any questions, just ask us and we’ll supply you the answers.


  • What You Should Know about Your Yorkie

    Are you interested in a Yorkie puppy?

    If your answer is “yes,” then you should know that you’re in for a really special treat, because they are one of the cutest dogs to own. It is important to know that there are some habits, like all dogs, about Yorkies can be a bit challenging but certainly manageable. Thankfully, you have us here at Petland and our pet counselors to assist you. Believe us, their goods far outweigh their bads!


    They’re Fragile

    Part of the allure surrounding Yorkies for sale is their size! They are the perfect purse pets, but with that comes fragility. They are incredibly delicate and should always be handled with care.  Although they are friendly and great around children of all ages, they should always be monitored and never left alone with them. Younger children in particular may regard them as toys and not the toy breed of a dog! As a result, they may be aggressive towards them, but only in a way to protecting themselves. Let your little ones know the proper ways to play with and handle the Yorkies for sale you have introduced to them.



    When you purchase Yorkies for sale, you should be prepared to also purchase puppy pads, because this breed is known for frequent urination. It’s partially due to their little bladders. Early and consistent training is necessary for them. Crate training is highly recommended for Yorkies, as well.



    Despite their small size, Yorkies can be curious. They are the big dogs in little bodies and they truly suffer from small dog syndrome. Aggression towards other dogs is somewhat normal for Yorkies, but it’s important to check it so very early on so that they know this behavior is not cute or acceptable. Okay, it’s kinda cute, but not acceptable!

    As we previously mentioned, our Yorkies for sale have overwhelmingly more positive traits than negative ones and they’re quite the catch! Stop into our store today and pick up one!


  • Understanding a Dog’s Temperament

    Much like with humans, all dogs have different personalities and temperaments.

    For instance, you may seem some Bassett Hound dogs on sale that are rather laid back and seemingly unbothered. You may encounter Beagle dogs on sale who are just bursting at the seam with exuberance! Our point? Dogs will exhibit varied temperaments and their individual demeanors are influenced by several factors. Here are the top three factors.



    Heredity plays a part in determining a dog’s temperament. You’ll notice a recurring theme with us and that is our constant comparison of human behavior to dog behavior! We can’t help it and that’s because it’s applicable in so many scenarios. You know the saying “it runs in the family” right? Well it’s true for furry families, too! Parents pass on certain characteristics to their children and the same goes for dogs. If there are dogs on sale that are particularly hyper, some of their offspring may naturally pick up that same trait and others may not. If the parent is hot tempered, chances are high that the offspring will pick up some of these traits.



    Don’t believe it when you hear “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!” That’s simply not true. It may take some time, but it’s possible and that really applies to young dogs on sale, as well. While heredity plays a role in determining a dog’s temperament, training can combat any negative traits that may have been passed down. In order for a pet owner to obtain the desired behavior in their dog, training must be consistent and the earlier training is instilled, the better and shorter the behavioral redirection will be. An aggressive older dog can be trained to be a gentle and kind one.



    In many of our previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the importance of early socialization. The dogs on sale in our store are socialized very early on, but it’s up to you as the owner to continue what we’ve started. The socialization process entails exposing your dog to various people and other pets and in doing so, you’ll encourage him to be more trusting of strangers and strange things. Socialization will change a skittish pup into a fearless one and it’s beautiful to witness.


    At Petland, we are here to help you along the way. We want all of the dogs on sale to remain happy and healthy pups when they leave our home and enter yours!


  • The Unique Shiba Inu – 3 Things You Should Know

    Shiba Inu puppies for sale are foxy showstoppers!

    They have such distinct looks and it’s because they resemble a fox. Other than their appearance, not many people know much about them. We’re putting an end to that right now! Read on to learn more about these foxy furry babies!


    Independent like Cats

    A common complaint about cats that dog owners will say is that cats are just too independent! They don’t “need” human touch and affection the way that dogs do. Well, we happen to know that’s not quite true, but they are certainly selective at dishing out their physical love! It’s important for new owners of Shiba Inu puppies for sale to know that they possess an independent spirit like that of cats. Their independence is quite intriguing, actually. They will give you space and they need their space. We’re not saying that they won’t cuddle and play. They will, but it’ll most likely be on their time and schedule!


    Loyal and Affectionate

    Two of the many things you’ll get for sure after purchasing Shiba Inu puppies for sale are loyalty and affection! They are known for these things. For sure they are great watch dogs and guard dogs, because they are incredibly obedient and observant and you won’t have any reason to doubt that!


    Full of Confidence

    Apart from their loyalty, affection, and independence, Shiba Inu puppies for sale are also known for their confident personalities and it’s an admirable trait of theirs that many people have. They may be somewhat small in stature but they are large in personality.


    If you’re looking for Shiba Inu puppies for sale, you’ve found the right place! Visit either of our Petland locations to interact and play with them. We’re sure you’ll fall in love!


  • Facts and Information About Fluffy Pomeranians!

    Precious Pomeranian puppies stand out no matter where they are and that’s because they’re so little and incredibly fluffy with their puffy coats!



    There’s so much more than meets the eye with these pups. Read on to learn 10 fun facts about these feisty pups!

    • A group of three or more Pomeranian puppies is called a “tuft,” while two Pomeranian puppies are called a “puff.” How cute and interesting are those names?
    • Don’t let their cute faces and fluffy fur fool ya! Pomeranians are closely related to wolves, thus belonging to the spitz breed. Other breeds that fall into this category are the Alaskan Malamute and Akita, just to name a few. Poms are the smallest of the group.
    • You already know they’re small, but did you know that Poms used to pull sleds and herd animals? This was long ago when they were much smaller and weighed an average of 30 pounds and were only all white. They were eventually bred down to become Pomeranian puppy companions!
    • Their fluffy fur has double coats, thus keeping them warm. They require a lot of attention to keep it from getting matted. We recommend professional grooming for your and their comfort. And by the way, Pomeranian puppies enjoy being groomed!
    • Pomeranians are intelligent and very alert and serve as one of the best watchdogs among all dog breeds. Because of their tiny size, they can’t be guard dogs, but they will certainly bark to alert you.
    • Speaking of their bark, Pomeranians have a big bark and don’t easily stop barking once they’ve gotten started! You’ve been warned!
    • Queen Victoria had an intense and loyal love for Pomeranian puppies. She was known to have owned 30 Pomeranians at one time!
    • Though extremely fluffy and full, their shedding level is very low which is not the case with breeds that have the same type of coat.
    • Most dog breeds come in one or two or maybe three colors, but that certainly doesn’t apply to the Pomeranian puppy. They have the biggest variety of colors overwhelmingly than most breeds. The American Kennel Club has identified 23 colors and combinations. They include black, black and tan, black and brindle, orange sable, blue, chocolate, chocolate and tan, cream, red, red sable, tri-colored, white, blue brindle, and chocolate sable.
    • Pomeranians love to run and specifically in circles! They are pretty fast too, going as fast as 13 miles per hour!


  • English Bulldog: The Mascot of The World

    Why are English Bulldog puppies for sale so popular?

    If you take a look at dozens of institutions all over the world, but specifically in the United States, you’ll see the recognizable face of the English Bulldog used as their logo. Many colleges and businesses have chosen the symbol to show the toughness and tenaciousness that they represents. We can’t blame them!

    Mistaking English Bulldog puppies for sale with other breeds is not easy, because they are simply unique. The English Bulldog has a nose that is wide and muscular, with a wide head and their cheeks extend on the both sides of the eyes. They have dense wrinkly skin on their foreheads and a distinct mouth. Their jaws are undershot creating a somewhat comical underbite, with their massive jaws! Speaking of their jaws, they’re strong and can hold onto an attacker or animal, which is why they excelled in hunting.

    English Bulldog puppies for sale have an origin that can be traced back to hundreds of years. They originated from England and were used horrifically during the bull baiting years. They have thankfully moved beyond their tragic history and reputation as being such ferocious characters. Now, you’ll find that English Bulldog puppies for sale have a loving and sweet disposition.



    Here are some quick fun facts about English Bulldog puppies for sale:

    • They are very stubborn. They walk when they wanna walk and come when they wanna come! Be patient as an owner, however!
    • According to the American Kennel Club, Bulldogs were the fifth most popular pet dog in the United States, in 2013.
    • Bulldogs snore even when they’re not sleeping and that’s because of their short snouts and smushed faces.
    • Forget about taking your newly purchased English Bulldog puppies for sale for a swim, because they can’t.
    • Because of the size of a Bulldog’s head, it’s unlikely that they were delivered naturally, but rather via a caesarian section.


  • Beautiful Beagle: Facts & History

    Beagle puppies for sale have a way of capturing hearts across the world and we bet their big brown eyes are to blame for the beginning of the lovefest!

    Read on to learn why precious Beagle puppies are so wanted! We’ve got some facts to share with you about them.

    Their Personality

    • Beagles are gentle, sweet, and funny, providing you entertainment through laughter.
    • Beagle puppies and adult dogs require exercise, so be prepared to give them what they need!
    • Though Beagles are gentle, they are also rather excitable and sometimes quite hyper.


    Their History

    • There were dogs of a similar size to Beagles were used for hunting in Greece in the 5th century.
    • Beagle puppies for sale were recognized by the AKC in 1885 and won Best in Show in 2008.
    • In the 1840’s, four different standards of Beagles were developed. They were the: fox Beagle, medium Beagle, the rough-coated/terrier Beagle and the dwarf/lapdog Beagle.


    Their Nose

    • This breed has been described as having a “nose with feet,” because once it has picked up on a scent, it won’t let it go! Talk about persistence!
    • Well trained Beagle puppies for sale can learn approximately 50 different scents.
    • The small and friendly Beagle is used to sniff around unsuspecting visitors at airport security, also allowing it to get into small spaces to check cargo and airmail depots.


    Their Genetics

    • Beagle puppies for sale are prone to hip dysplasia.
    • Cherry eye is a condition that is also known to afflict Beagles. This is when the gland under the third eyelid protrudes at the corner of the eye. Surgery may be required to fix it.
    • Some Beagle puppies for sale that look uniquely smaller than the rest of their litter may be afflicted with Beagle dwarfism. Besides their smaller size, they may have other deformities.


    Their Training

    • Beagles are pretty darn strong willed, so pull out all of your patience and persistence when you’re teaching them commands. They will catch on eventually!
    • Start out by teaching the Beagle puppies for sale that you’ve purchased simple, one word commands. Be sure to use them consistently to avoid confusion.
    • Believe it or not, Homeland Security of the US Government has a Beagle Brigade that is used to sniff out organic contraband at airports. See, all that training does pay off!


  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Boxers

    Boxer dogs stand tall and proud and hail as one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States

    Boxers for sale are constantly winning the hearts of families. Whether it’s their sometimes goofy and playful stances or their upright and regal poses, they are loved. Instead of technical talk about the Boxer breed, we’re going to share 5 less commonly known things about Boxers for sale. Take a look!


    1. They’re Runners

    The roots of Boxers can be traced back to the now extinct Bullenbeisser, which was a dog of Mastiff and the English Bulldog descent. Also known as the Boxl, it was trained to hunt large game such as boar, bear, and deer. They were exceptional hunting companions, because they were extremely fast and held a rightful reputation for its powerful jaws. Today’s Boxers for sale are still regarded for their athleticism, running 38 to 45 miles per hours, making them one of the fastest dog breeds.


    1. World Record Holder

    It seems there’s a category for everything, so there’s no wonder that Boxers hold one. The Guinness World Record for the longest dog tongue in the world belongs to a then 7 year old Boxer. In January 2002, a Boxer named Brandy, had a tongue that measured 17 inches long. The previous long tongue title holder belonged to a Pekingese with a mere 4.5 inches.


    1. Served in the War

    Before Boxers for sale were household and family favorites, they were originally and almost exclusively used as working dogs in World War I. They were used as messengers, pack carriers, guard dogs, and attack dogs. After World War II, the soldiers brought the dogs home and they were rapidly integrated into domesticated and family homes.


    1. Black “Boxers” Aren’t Boxers

    Boxers for sale are either one of two colors: fawn (tan) or brindle (a tan coat with black stripes). The boxer dog breed does not carry the gene for a solid black coat; therefore, purebred black boxer dogs do not exist.


    1. Common Health Concerns for Boxers

    When you purchase Boxers for sale, you should know that the most common health problems associated with them are:

    • Allergies and skin infection
    • Ear infections
    • Vomiting and diarrhea
    • Cystitis or urinary tract infection
    • Cardiac arrhythmia
    • Cardiomyopathy


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