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  • Petland Speaks: Is Buying a Puppy Affordable?

    We say, “Absolutely!” Here at Petland, we have many puppy breeds to choose from and we can find one that’s right for you and your budget!

    Buying a puppy can be affordable when you follow these tips from the pet experts at Petland:

    • Research common breeds.

    Buying a puppy can be expensive when you are shopping for rare or designer breeds. Choosing a breed that is common is great way to get a puppy on sale and to save money. Here are few common, but quality, breeds that Petland recommends if you are looking to save money.

    1. Beagles – great family dog!
    2. Hybrid breeds, like Teddy Bears, Cavachons, or Bichon-poos
    3. Boxers – also great for families interested in a large breed!

    puppies for sale

    • Avoid pet leasing.

    Pet leasing has become a trending topic these days, as many major corporations offer this option. At Petland, we believe that pet leasing is inhumane, unethical, and expensive. A more affordable and moral option is pet financing. Pet financing helps to end pet homelessness and is a better alternative to pet leasing. We have lots of options!

    • Shop responsibly.

    All Petland puppies are up to date on vaccinations and de-worming and are microchipped. Petland puppies are also checked by at least two, and in many cases, three veterinarians before being offered to customers.

    Every Petland store has a local consulting veterinarian who performs weekly examinations on new arrivals, completes a puppy care record to document their health, and sets the protocols for in-store preventative health measures. Our kennel techs are also trained to care for and monitor the health of the pets in their care. In the store, Petland puppies are part of an active socialization program with pet counselors, kennel technicians, and customers!

    Where you buy your puppy matters, because many retail businesses offer puppies for sale, but few can say they are committed to the well-being of animals. Responsible pet shopping helps to decrease your chances of dealing with high veterinary expenses later down the line. Our commitment to the health of our pets is the reason we work with local, state, and federal regulatory agencies and legislators concerning animal welfare issues.

    It’s safe to say that if you are in the market for a quality and affordable puppy, Petland is the way to go! Check out all of our adorable puppies for sale, right here!

  • 5 Kid Friendly Dogs You Should Add To Your Family

    First We’ve Got Some Friendly Tips!

    When selecting a dog to add to your family, choose a kid friendly dog to create a better situation for both the dog and your family! Supervise any interactions between your children and your new puppy. Keep an exceptionally watchful eye with young toddlers. One should never leave toddlers alone with any new dog. Along with supervision, it is wise to teach puppy obedience and rules, either through your own personal knowledge or by enrolling in training classes. Children should also be taught rules to minimize the risk of any dog bites, thereby creating a safe and pleasant atmosphere for all.  Okay, let’s get into it!


    Because of their natural love of children, the Newfoundland has been nicknamed “Nature’s Nannies.” While they can drool and shed a lot, they are most suitable for a family with large open spaces. Basically, they are gigantic, lovable fur balls who desire nothing more than to keep watch on their pack members – you and your kids!

    kid friendly dogs


    Standard Poodle

    Standard poodles are smart and gentle and are great for kids with allergies, as they do not shed as much as other breeds. They are sweet natured and make excellent playmates for children. We’d like to note our emphasis on obtaining a Standard Poodle versus the Toy Poodle, who are much smaller and fragile and may not be best choice for young, active, and unpredictable toddlers or children.

    Labrador Retriever

    One of the most popular kid friendly dogs is the Labrador. For a family with kids, there’s hardly a better choice. Labradors love to please their human family members. They’re playful, protective, loving, and reliable. They are highly trainable and they absolutely love learning and showing off new tricks. They are considered canine Einsteins.


    There’s no denying their absolutely beautiful and engaging faces! Bulldogs are sturdy, so they can handle anything that rambunctious kids throw at them and they can put up with a lot. While they may not be the most energetic kid friendly dog, they are perfect for living in any environment, whether it’s an apartment or large house.

    Bull Terrier

    Bull Terriers have been unfairly branded as an aggressive animal, but in actuality the Bull Terrier was bred to be a kid friendly dog and a companion for adults. They are sturdy and well framed dogs, with a high threshold for pain, making it perfect for rambunctious children who are learning how to properly treat dogs.

  • 7 Informative and Interesting Facts About Akitas

    he Akita is a bold, powerful, and protective dog. 

    He is extremely devoted to his family and highly respected in Japan. If you’re in the market and looking for Akita puppies for sale in GA, we’ve got the information you need and the puppies you want! Read on to learn more about these fine, fluffy pups.akita puppies

    1. They are Japan’s favorite canine.

    Rituals and ceremonies were involved to include lavish leashes which doubled as status standings for the Akita puppy and its owner. Did you know that back in the day when kids were born, a Japanese family would be gifted a small statue of an Akita, signifying health, happiness, and a long life? They signified spirituality with the Akita.

    1. They’re built and made for snow.

    Before the Akita received its official breed name, they were commonly referred to as “snow country dogs.” Their thick double coats protected them from the elements. What’s really neat is that their undercoat is thicker, softer, and shorter than the outer coat. Conversely, their outer coat is really straight and harsh and stands kind of “off the body” thus making them waterproof! Furthermore, it helps to keep ice and snow off of the Akita puppy, while keeping it insulated and warm.

    1. Akitas are very clean dogs.

    Just like the Akita puppies for sale in GA that you’ll find at our store, all other Akita dogs are self-grooming, almost like cats! They shed their coats twice a year, so grooming is necessary and essential for them.

    1. They’re still used for dog fights.

    Unfortunately, dog fighting continues to be a popular problem in Japan. Although it’s illegal in major cities like Tokyo, rural areas continue to host fights. Unlike in other countries, dog fighting in Japan is not a fight to the death. The dogs are dressed up in elaborate costumes and outfits and fights are broken up before either dog is fatally wounded.

    1. There’s an entire museum just for them.

    You may not find Akita puppies for sale in GA with a dedicated museum, but in Japan that’s another story! The beloved and most famous Akita named Hachiko has one in his memory. The Akita Dog Museum in Odate, founded by the Akita Dog Preservation Society, is a celebration of Hachiko and all Akitas. Visitors can peruse documents, art, and other information about Akitas and they’re even greeted by Akitas upon their arrivals.

    1.  Akitasare unique.

    You’ll find that the Akita puppies for sale in GA are absolutely adorable and stand out in a crowd. Their trademark is the plush, fluffy tail that typically curls over his back. Each pup’s tail-set is unique. When you see a group of Akita’s tails, very few look the same!

    1. Helen Keller owned one.

    Helen Keller has been credited with bringing the very first Akita to the United States. In 1937, Ms. Keller traveled to Japan where she learned about Hachiko, the famous Akita. She was so impressed, she was offered one from an Akita Police Department. Unfortunately, her pup died at the tender age of 7 months old from distemper. As consolation, she was gifted from Japan another Akita.


  • 6 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool in The Summer

    Summer’s steadfastly approaching and that means longer days and shorter nights!

    Keeping Your Dog Cool in The Summer

    That also means the temperatures are going to soar and you’ll need to keep your dog cool and comfortable. Below are 6 useful tips for you.


    1. Be creative

    If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, don’t worry! Find a nice little spot in the shade and put together a kiddie pool for your pup. Try putting a pan of ice in front of a fan and blowing it towards him. You can also lay down a wet towel for your dog to lie on and cool off.


    1. Choose outdoor exercise times wisely.

    Take your dog outside early in the morning or later in the evening to exercise. These are the coolest parts of the day and will greatly ensure your dog’s comfort.


    1. Watch for signs of dehydration.

    Since dogs don’t and can’t sweat, they cool off by panting. If your dog is overheated, you’ll notice him drooling more than usual. Does he look lethargic or appear a little pale? If so, these are signs of dehydration.


    1. Keep your dog hydrated!

    Always keep fresh water out and accessible for your dog. If you’re going out for a walk, carry a bottle of water with you for his drinking purposes. If possible, keep it near a cooling pack in your backpack or carrying item.


    1.  Never EVER leave your dog in a parked car.

    You’ve heard this before and seen horror stories, but we’re going to reiterate these important words of caution. Do not leave your dog in a parked car. Do not leave him, even if your car is in the shade, because cars retain heat more than an open area. If you’re in the car on a trip, keep the AC running for his safety.


    1. If he digs, let him dig!

    Dogs in nature will dig dens to hide out, search for food, or give birth. If you see him digging, let him. He’s probably hot and trying to keep cool. If it’s possible, locate a shady area where it’s okay for your dog to dig. Sit back and watch him work!


    All of these tips will help aid in keeping your beloved dogs comfortable and cool!

  • How to Care for Your Pomsky

    Congratulations on the purchase of the Pomsky for sale from our store!


    Now that you’ve found your pup and made such a wonderful choice, the important part begins. Time to care for your new pup. Below are a few things that you’ll need to do to ensure your new canine companion is happy, active, and healthy!

    Exercise Your Pomsky

    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Dogs are like humans in that some sort of exercise is needed to maintain a healthy body. Luckily, like others, the Pomsky for sale that you purchased loves to play! They are generally active so that means you’ll have meet them at their level of activity. We don’t mean that you’ll have to take her on long extended walks, but certainly a daily one. In the house, engage in some playtime with your pup. Here at Petland, we know that puppies put in much more nap time than playtime, so be mindful of that and try not to over exert your pooch.


    Keep Her Company

    We don’t recommend that you leave your puppy alone for extended periods of time. This is particularly important when she’s first brought home with you. Try to keep her company or have someone in the family around her as much as possible. Dogs don’t like being left alone for long, because they feel lonely and get bored and boredom can lead to bad behavior in some dogs. Find ways to minimize times when she’ll be unsupervised.


    Provide Mental Stimulation

    It may not be enough to just exercise your newly purchased Pomsky for sale, in fact we’re sure of it! All dogs require some level of mental stimulation and yours will be no exception, especially in the puppy phase. During this time is when they can develop destructive or constructive behaviors and you want to aim for the latter! Do not give her any room for boredom. Provide your pup with age and size appropriate toys, while monitoring if you’re not directly playing with her.


    We want to make sure that the Pomsky for sale that you brought into your home has a smooth and lasting transition. Feel free to contact one of our pet counselors if you have any questions or concerns.


  • 5 Reasons We Adore Big Dog Breeds

    Are you ready to welcome potential big dog breeds into your family?

    Well, you’ve come to the right blog! It can be extremely difficult to decide which dog to buy, but you are in luck because we can help you find the cutest big dog breeds of 2019! Needless to say, almost every dog breed is super cute. Each of these dogs have very unique personalities. If you find that any of these dogs spark an interest, come into our Petland location. We will be happy to explain more about the unique qualities of each of these dogs have. Here are a few of the cutest big dog breeds we carry and be sure to check our available puppies for sale right here!

    Golden Retrievers!

    These are classic family dogs. These dogs are super well-mannered and understand boundaries. If you have children, they are one of the perfect comfort animals and can even help support children when they are having a bad day. They are great playtime buddies and cuddlers. These dogs are perfect companions for active people. One of their favorite activities is taking long hikes, just in case you need a hiking partner!big dog breeds


    These are some of the cutest dogs ever! A lot of Huskies have different color eyes that are super unique. Female Huskies’ weight can range anywhere from 35-51 pounds and males can weigh 44-60 pounds. They are pretty big dogs so get ready for big dog responsibilities. They are friendly with people of all ages. If you already have a dog in the house do not stress! Huskies get along extremely well with other dogs.

    Great Danes!

    If you are looking for a big dog these dogs will certainly check that box. These dogs are extremely friendly and love outdoor activities. Female Great Danes range from 90-130 pounds and males range from 120 to 200 pounds. Even though they are big in size they are known for being gentle giants. Sometimes these dogs do not understand how big they are, so keep a watchful eye when they’re around small children.

    If you are looking for the cutest big dog breeds hopefully this list helps you. If you have more questions about these dogs come in and chat with any of our employees at Petland. They will give you more information on all of the cool characteristics of these dogs and how you can take one home with you.

  • Is Spring a Dog’s Favorite Season? We Think So!

    This is the perfect time to consider buying cute dogs for sale!

    It is finally Spring! You have made it through the cold season and it’s finally starting to warm up. This is the perfect time to consider buying a puppy! There are many reasons to buy a dog, but one of the most important is because there are so many cute dogs for sale in the springtime! Here is a list of some of the cutest dogs we sell at Petland. Want to see the cutest pictures ever, just click here for our available puppies for sale!

    1. Frenchie pups.

    French Bulldogs are some of the cutest dogs in the world. Males range from 20 to 28 pounds, and females range from 16 to 24 pounds. They stay pretty small throughout their whole lives. One of their most endearing personality traits is they snort and grunt almost 24 hours a day. This is super cute because they are not obnoxious, just very vocal animals.

    2. Bichon Frise Pups.cute dogs for sale

    These cute little dogs are super sweet and affectionate. The males range from 6 to 11 pounds, and females of this breed range from 6 to 11 pounds as well. They are a super fluffy and love to play. They are great animals to have if you have a family because they get along with everyone. Because of their size, they are extremely nice to cuddle with if that’s the kind of comfort you desire!

    3. Maltipoo puppies.

    These dogs are super cute. They are about 14 inches tall and range from 15 to 20 pounds. These dogs make the best of friends. They love building personal connections with their owners. They have a super happy affectionate attitude that is great to have around your home. These dogs are extremely intelligent which is super great because they are easy to train. These dogs are also loyal and also hypoallergenic. So, if you were worried you could not get a dog because of an allergy, you are in luck!

    If you are seriously considering buying a dog this spring, consider these cute dogs for sale. You honestly can’t go wrong with any of these dog breeds. They are super sweet and all very affectionate. You can find these dogs at any of our Petland locations.

  • Petland Speaks: The Benefits of Small Dog Breeds

    Have you been questioning whether or not you should invest in small dog breeds or large dog breeds?

    Well, they are both extremely great animals, but for some, a smaller dog breed may be a better option. Here at Petland, we advise that you consider these 3 things before thinking about buying your future dog. 1. Does your dog fit into your lifestyle? 2. Are there parks within walking or close driving distance of your home? 3. Is your home safe enough for a small animal? After considering these questions you should take some time to read about how small dog breeds may be the best fit for your home. Want to see all of the available small breed puppies we have for sale, just click here!small dog breeds

    1. Dog food can be extremely expensive.

    However, with a smaller dog, you will not have to buy as much food for them as you would for a larger dog. This may be a key factor to consider when thinking about whether or not to buy small dog breeds.

    2. They are super easy to cuddle with.

    If you are looking to buy a dog for the mere fact that they are the most comforting animals on the planet then you may want to have a small dog that is easier to cuddle. Large breeds might think they are the ultimate lap dog, but it can be hard to oblige a 50lb Golden Retriever!

    3. They are the perfect size to be your traveling companion.

    Ever heard of the term “road-dog”? Well, this is exactly what small dog breeds will be for you because they are easy to transport. This can be helpful for those who travel often or usually have a lot of errands to run throughout the day.

    If you are seriously contemplating whether or not you want to buy a small or big dog, first make sure that you are ready for all of the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. Secondly, consider the list above to make sure that a small dog is appropriate for your lifestyle. If you have any more questions you can always come in and talk to us at our Petland location. We are more than happy to provide advice to you!

  • Puppies for Sale: Is Your Home a Good Fit for a New Puppy?

    Here at Petland, we have many puppies for sale and believe in providing education to help you pick the right one!

    Buying a puppy can be extremely exhilarating and the purest feeling in the world. However, it is important that you make sure you have a safe enough home for one of these small little guys to live safely. Here are a few things to check in your home to make sure it’s a safe and comfortable place for your new puppy.

    Do not keep small objects on the ground.puppies for sale

    Puppies are explorers and the one way they really like to do this is by tasting things that are unfamiliar to them. Small toys on the ground can be extremely dangerous and pose as a choking hazard for your puppy because they might try and eat it. If you do have lots of toys for your kids make sure that they are put away before you allow your dog to enter this room.

    Make sure your dog always has access for elimination.

    We are aware of a lot of new pet owners who have doggy doors installed in their homes. These are great ideas, but they only work with dogs who are trained and aware of the opening. Otherwise you need to be prepared to take a lot of walks in the beginning!

    Are there places in your home that you are uncomfortable with your puppy exploring?

    Before bringing home one of the puppies for sale that you purchased, make sure that you get a safety gate to limit their access to the areas in your home that you wish to deem as restricted. Most dogs have a natural inquisitive nature and would like to explore their surroundings. Having a safety gate installed will keep them from potentially hazardous objects in your home.

    Take a look at this list several times and print it out if necessary. It is important for your dog’s safety. We want to make sure that the puppies for sale in our store go to homes that are safe and secure. If you have more questions on puppy proofing your home, take a look at some of our previous posts and feel free to come into our store to talk even more.

  • Petland Speaks: Here’s Our Votes for the Cutest Mixed Dog Breeds!

    There are many popular mixed dog breeds, here’s a list of the cutest mixed dog breeds to help you choose.

    There are countless numbers of dog breeds on our planet! Just like how humans are becoming more and more globalized every year dogs are also mixing and creating the cutest mixed dog breeds every day. There are many popular mixed dog breeds, but if you are really looking to buy a new mixed dog, a list of the cutest mixed dog breeds won’t help you that much. You may also want to know about these dog’s personalities and the adventures they love to go on. Here is a list of the cutest mixed dog breeds that also includes their personality traits. Want to check out all of our hybrid puppies for sale, just click here!cutest mixed dog breeds

    1. Pomskies

    Pomskies are a mixture of Pomeranians and Huskies. Not only are these dogs extremely cute, but they also have a really awesome personality. They are adventurous and make very suitable family pets. If you have a big family, your Pomski will be sure to build a special bond with each one of the members in your family. These dogs are not too big for a young family either. Their body weight ranges from 15 lbs to 25lbs.

    2. Puggles

    Puggles are a mix of Pugs and Beagles. These dogs are known for having really playful personalities and are super affectionate. They are super unique and will certainly blow the tops off your neighbors because they will be in awe of how cute your dog is. These dogs are one of the best breeds for senior citizens if you are attempting to buy a pet for your grandparents.

    3. Yoranian

    Yoranians are a mixture of Yorkies and Pomeranians. These dogs are extremely fearless animals, but definitely a bit nervous around strangers. They love their owners and are not afraid of showing affection to them. They are rambunctious and love going on walks. Because of their intelligence, they are very easy to train.

    Buying a new dog can be super exciting! If you are able to find one of these mixed breeds, then you should buy it right away. If you think that any of these dogs fit your interest as a potential pet owner, you should contact our Petland location today!

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