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  • Our Havanese for Sale Will Be A Loyal and Lasting Companion!

    Searching for a Havanese for sale? Look no further, Petland Mall of Georgia has Havanese puppies!

    Havanese dogs are admired by many, so it’s no surprise you’re looking for a Havanese for sale. They have long silky hair, a cuddly size and eyes which have been described as expressive; these are the features that most people who love keeping dogs as pets like. The dog was bred as a companion canine friend for the Cuban aristocracy, which is thought to be where it earned the name Havanese, from the Cuban capital city of Havana. Want to see pictures of our Havanese puppies, just click here!

    havanese for sale

    Although they have earned a name as a companion dog, they are capable of being trained and becoming a dog that can receive instructions and be an obedient canine friend. They also excel in sports and some people have used them in circuses as well as to help people who are handicapped.

    When it comes to socializing the Havanese dog is known for their affectionate personality and not just to their owners, but also to strangers and children. Surprisingly, they are friendly to cats too. This is probably because of their calm demeanor.

    What will you get from Havanese dogs:

    • With the Havanese, any family that buys these wonderful canine friends should rest assured that they have added a valuable member to their family, they will provide companionship, entertainment and at the same time make people feel comfortable and secure while walking on the street or while in the house.
    • Be sure to treat them well and your kindness will be rewarded with loyalty, obedience, companionship and playful moments. The dog is also capable of reading the situation; they can entertain themselves when they realize that the owner needs some personal space.
    • The Havanese needs a firm hand when training, using training treats is always a good idea!
    • The Havanese needs regular grooming to keep their coats from getting too long and tangled, so be prepared to find a grooming salon near you. In between grooms, they should be bathed and brushed regularly.
  • German Shepherds for Sale: Fiercely Loyal and Protective

    We have German Shepherds for sale, come by our store today for lots of floppy-eared cuddles and puppy kisses!

    German Shepherds are known for both their courage and playful characteristics. This makes them perfect dogs for people who are looking to brighten their homes with pets that will give them company and attention. German shepherds are also very protective, if you’re looking for a companion who will make you feel secure, then they are a good bet; they’ll be there for you when around the house as well as when walking with them outside. Want to see pictures of the puppy German Shepherds for sale in our store? Just click here for our available puppies page!

    german shepherds for sale

    What is it about German Shepherds that makes them unique?

    • German Shepherds are one of the easiest breeds to train. They love to learn and be challenged by their owners. They will respond well to most commands and are considered a very calm dog. They tend to take in their surroundings, especially when around their families.
    • Even though the GSD is a large breed dog, they can still do well in a smaller environment. They just need to be walked several times daily for exercise. Inside, they are described as couch potatoes!
    • Germans have very alert attitudes, even when lounging around the house. You must also take care to keep things that they are not supposed to have up and away from them, they are very intelligent and will swipe food from your plate if you’re not watching!
    • They do better in colder climates, but heat doesn’t bother them. Shedding is also something to watch out for, we suggest a good de-shedding brush to cut down in excess hair.
    • Germans are also very affectionate and often don’t realize how big they really are! They tend to try and be a “lap dog”, much to their squished owner’s chagrin!
  • Dogue de Bordeaux for Sale: Long Name, Big Hearts!

    Choosing a Dogue de Bordeaux for sale to add to your family is a wonderful choice!

    Dogue de Bordeaux are also known as the Bordeaux bulldog or the French Mastiff, some say that they descend from a Greek dog while others speak of them as having European descent. But whatever the origin, one thing that all these people are in agreement about is that the dogs are cool and fun to be with. Want to check out our puppy Dogue de Bordeaux for sale, just click here!

    dogue de bordeaux for sale

    What is unique about Dogue de Bordeaux?

    • The dogs are pretty huge when compared to other breeds; their shoulder height is around 23 to 30 centimeters while their weight is between 55 to 67 kilograms. These figures are for the adult dogs, it’s important to note that not all dogs reach these limits, but it’s pretty certain you’re going to have big furbaby!
    • Some may be smaller while other may grow even bigger than these, and this will be dependent on several factors.
    • The breed is very popular in France, but has been gaining prominence in other countries, with several breeders across the United States.

    Other features to note about this mastiff breed:

    • The Dogue de Bordeaux has a soft, short and thick coat, its skin is wrinkly and comes in different shades, the most popular being fawn and mahogany. It has a red or black mask and some white markings on the toe tips as well as in the chest areas.
    • Dogue de Bordeaux is a family dog, both human and canine, when with its own kind it’s known to be social, it takes on a similar character when it moves to a human family setting. It’s important to ensure that the dog is well socialized from a young age. They are known to be patient, and have a gentle temperament; this makes them a perfect pet in a family setting, they will be happy to be around children and a loving family.
    • The dog requires little exercise, they will need to be bathed and brushed out occasionally, as well as de-worming and feeding them a balanced diet. They will also need regular walks.
    • In terms of training the dog requires a firm but a gentle approach; the training will also need to be consistent to ensure good results. We find treats work best with large breed puppies!
  • French Bulldogs Puppies for Sale, A Breed You Will Treasure Furrr-ever!

    Some background history about our French bulldogs puppies for sale!

    French bulldogs have a long history; and can be traced far back in England and their accompaniment of the English lace makers on their journey to France. Apart from being a good companion, these canine friends were also a perfect ratter. However this has changed today, French bulldogs are great family friends as well as pets that owners enjoy showing off; they have become great show dogs. Want to check out all our available French bulldogs puppies for sale, just click here!

    french bulldogs puppies for sale

    What will be getting with a French Bulldog Puppy:

    They are a rare breed, so when you’re buying one, know that you’re bringing home a valuable possession, a canine friend who is exceptional, a unique dog, one that will always stand out in a crowd. When you hear of French bulldogs puppies for sale, be sure to rush in fast, as you’ll be one among the many people who will be looking for this particular breed. You’re sure to be kept on a waiting list due to the fact that the rare breed requires some special attention. As one of the first people to respond, you’ll have an advantage, you’ll get that French bulldogs puppy you’ve been searching for.

     Beautiful, if you’re into bat ears 😉

    The beauty of this canine friend and its strongly built body makes French bulldogs undeniably glamorous and one of the best companion dogs. They may be small, but their substantially muscular body and easygoing character makes them the best pet for the family. Their highly recognizable erect ears make this funny little clown dog complete!

    Playful, but perfect for lazy days too!

    Their playful nature and fondness for relaxing on the sofa makes them lively and easily live within a family setting. French bulldogs carry this relaxing attitude with them to training sessions. This makes them easy to train and handle.

    Intelligent dog, trains well!

    Their level of intelligence also contributes highly to easy and enjoyable training sessions. Just like they lavish their human companions with love, attention and obedience, the French bulldog also expects similar treatment in return, so be ready to be good to your canine friend, provide an environment that he will enjoy, treat him well and, be assured, he’ll love you furrr-ever!

  • Pug Pups for Sale: Give In and Join the Smushy Face Party!

    We are happy to announce that we have lovely Pug pups for sale!

    Petland is giving Pug puppy lovers a chance to get a pet that brightens their lives. We have both male and female Pug pups, all pure bred. All our Pug pups have been brought up in a clean and secure environment. They have been properly vet checked and are ready to start their happy, healthy lives with their new owners. They are eating a high-end puppy food that can transition with them into adulthood. Check out our Pug puppies right here!

    pug pups for sale

    Vet-Checked, Kid Approved!

    As part of the process of releasing them from their current environment, they have undergone comprehensive health checks and have all been given a clean bill of health. While in our store, they have been regularly de-wormed as well as given the necessary vaccinations and medicines to ensure they stay health and develop strong immunity. You’ll be adopting pets which can survive perfectly in a new environment without having to worry about infections or posing a danger to your family and other pets.

    Housebreaking, Teething and Training, Check!

    Our dedicated Pet Counselors will help you through the sometimes tedious process of housebreaking and training your new bundle of joy. We also make sure that you go home with all the necessary tools and tricks of making sure the first few months go by smoothly! Our store also provides puppy training classes that go over the basics of sit, stay and heel and how to properly leash train a new puppy.

    Take advantage of the Pug pups for sale and have the kind of breed that you’ve always wanted! Adopt puppies that have been brought up in an environment that raises the bar when it comes to animal care and animal husbandry. Although, we’ve found that people get addicted to Pug puppies, so consider yourself warned!

  • Beautiful Boxers for Sale, Just the Puppy You’ve Always Wanted!

    Our Boxers for sale could be the four-legged family member you’ve been looking for!

    We always have Boxers for sale in our store! We only have puppy Boxers between 8-16 weeks old, all in good health, and ready to leave for their furrrr-ever home! The puppies are fully vaccinated and wormed according to the highest standards of medical care and can do perfectly well in a new environment. They have been certified by our veterinarian as happy, healthy puppies. They have also been microchipped for safety. Want to check out all of our Boxer puppies for sale, just click here for our available puppies page!

    boxers for sale

    This is what to expect from our chunky boxer puppies

    We have lovely chunky boxer puppies that will fit well within a family setting; they have been well cared for and socialized. If you have children, they will be excited to be joined by a new family member that loves to play. We assure you that you’ll be getting a good companion, one that will feel comfortable around your house, and quickly adapt to the new environment.

    Our Boxers are gentle and patient, they like playing around and making their owner happy. They are cool in an environment which they are familiar with, they will keep the children busy and also entertain them. This is the best pet that you can ever get; it’s a breed that promises nothing but good companionship, fun-filled days and nights, as well as unrivaled obedience.

    Don’t wait, get your new puppy today!

    Take advantage of our Boxers for sale to get the pet that you’ve always wanted in your home. Give your children a gift that they will enjoy and a lasting companion that will keep them busy around the house. Rest assured that they are in good health and at the same time trained to live in a new environment. Walking it will be such a fun activity, all your family members will enjoy it!

  • Nothing Warms the Heart Like a Precious Shih Tzu for Sale!

    If you’re searching for a Shih Tzu for sale, then you’re on the right track for the perfect family dog!

    The Shih Tzu is a dog that loves children! Getting a Shih Tzu for sale will not only bring joy into your family if you have kids, but also brighten your home and create a feeling of joy and happiness. Shih Tzus are known for their beauty, easy management and obedience. Petland always has Shih Tzu puppies for sale, just check out our available puppies page, right here!

    shih tzu for sale

    Here are a couple of things that make Shih Tzus so very special:

    • Whether you’re looking for a dog breed that will give you a loving companion or you just want to add one more canine friend, rest assured that a Shih Tzu will perfectly fit in your house and at the same time adapt quickly to a new environment filled with other pets.
    • Shih Tzus are very social pets. They get along very well with other breeds, so if you have other dogs, cats or small animals in your house, you won’t have a hard time helping it adapt to a new environment. It’s also good with children and other people. You’ll be bringing an extra member in the house, one who will fit in well, adapt fast and feel comfortable in the new home. All that you have to do is give the new puppy lots of cuddles and attention!
    • It will require proper feeding, regular grooming and a clean environment.
    • Because of the Shih Tzus long, luxurious coat, they do better inside. That being said, they would love to go on long walks with you or go play in the nearest dog park to get out some of their energy. The do not have high exercise requirements, but they can be playful and eager to learn new tricks!
    • Our puppies come with a clean bill of health; they have had regular checks and are vaccinated against common ailments. Rest assured that you’re getting a quality bred Shih Tzu for sale.


  • Our Miniature Poodles for Sale Will Give You Unparalleled Companionship!

    Miniature Poodles for sale are a great choice for so many different types of families!

    Are you looking for miniature poodles that will give you the kind of companionship that you deserve? Are you looking for puppies that will fit within your family, giving you the company, comfort and attention that you need? On our site you’ll get what you want, a puppy that gives its owner unrivalled companionship. We have several highly trained and well-bred miniature poodles for sale. Our puppies come from the most caring, reputable breeders in the country! Want to check out our Miniature poodle puppies? Just click here!

    miniature Poodles for sale

    Here are some of things that you need to know about Miniature Poodles:

    • Miniature poodles are known to be excellent athletes! They are way above the level in terms of obedience competitions, and they are good outdoor companions. People who are into exercise will find them perfect mates for outdoor activities. They are known for their agility and flexibility; they are fun to be around and will always help you get in the mood to stay active and healthy.
    • These puppies are known for their smarts and ease of training. They are normally described as a thinking puppy, they pay close attention to the trainer, they learn very quickly and respond to the situation positively. You’ll find miniature poodles perfect companions, they are always playful, there will be no gloomy days or nights, they’ll uplift your spirits.
    • These puppies like attention, they won’t allow you to ignore them, and the perfect thing about them is that you can train them to recognize moments when they need to give you personal space. Otherwise, you’ll have gotten a partner who will always keep the children active, a canine friend who understands human nature, is obedient, easily follows orders and above all reads the environment and atmosphere right.
    • Although the puppy can be demanding at times, when it’s well taken care of, the owner is rewarded with good behavior, a great attitude and above all companionship which is undivided, focused and engaging.

    Of course, seeing our puppies in person is the best way of knowing if they’re right for you! Just give us a call today to book an appointment or come by the store. Our helpful Pet Counselors will help you will any questions or concerns!

  • Don’t Miss Our Precious Yorkie Poos for Sale!

    Yorkie Poos for Sale: This is the Puppy You’ve Been Waiting For!

    Yorkie poos are known for their cuteness and smarts, the kind of a puppy that will conquer your heart. The first time you look at them, you’ll be love struck and will want to take one home straightaway. Want to check out our lovely little Yorkie poos, just click here!

    Yorkie Poos for sale

    Want to know more about the Yorkie Poo breed? Here are some of its unique characteristics:

    • The hybrid puppy, a mixed breed between the Yorkshire Terrier and poodle, a puppy that has inherited the traits of both parents, combining them in a perfect match to give a lovely and adorable character.
    • Yorkie poos are known to have big character wrapped in a small body, love everyone and are a good bet for anyone looking to expand a family with an extra adorable canine member. If you’re looking for an affectionate and lovely pet, the Yorkie poos for sale will fit the bill, they are well-trained, well-fed and healthy; you‘ll be getting a canine friend that will spice up your life.
    • There will never be a dull moment in your house. You’ll get a puppy that loves to spend time with the family, knows when to call for attention and reads the mood around the house. You’ll also get a good watch dog. They are attentive, curious, and will alert, you’ll be happy when around the puppy whether indoors or outdoors.
    • If you’re looking for an intelligent and social puppy, the Yorkie poo ranks highly among other breeds, they get along well when with other puppies, they feel comfortable when around the family and although they may be uneasy around visitors at first, they adapt very quickly, when they sense that they are not threatened. Our puppies have been socialized; they are well behaved and know how to react in a given environment.
    • Caring for these puppies isn’t hard; they are dogs that require little attention. Although they like staying indoors most of the time, they do require walks outside the house. They are not demanding and are easy to handle while outside.
    • You’ll be getting a friend who will be there for you, one who will brighten your days, and one who will play with you and give you personal space when required. This is a puppy that will brighten your house, make it lovely and above all provide companionship at all times.
  • Our Chihuahua for Sale Puppies Are Looking for a Wonderful New Home!

    If you’re looking for a playful little Chihuahua for sale, rest assured that you’ll find one with us!

    We have several Chihuahua for sale puppies, beautiful little boys and girls ready to settle into a lovely new home. You’ll get high-quality bred puppers, healthy and obedient with beautiful coats. You’ll enjoy their company both in the house as well as when walking them outside for exercise. We guarantee small dogs with a big heart and pets that will adapt to your environment with ease. Check out our available Chihuahua puppies for sale, right here!

    chihuahuas for sale

    Characteristics of a Chihuahua:

    • Chihuahuas are amazing dogs, they are always alert and have terrier-like qualities. They are perfect companions in a family setting especially when there are older, more responsible children.
    • They also do well in homes where they are treated gently and warmly. Chihuahuas are patient, obedient, keen and alert, they are fun to be with and when treated well, there’s never a dull moment in the house!
    • They can always read your mood, know when to play and when to sit and relax, they’re a dog that will make you happy and, at the same time, give you space when you need it.
    • For people who are busy and may not think they have adequate time to constantly care for a dog, here is some good news! Chihuahuas are known to be small in size, they don’t require special care or attention, although they are sensitive to cold temperatures, they do pretty well in warm environments.
    • These smooth-coated dogs also require little grooming, their short hair means that an occasional brushing or grooming will keep it’s coat in tip top shape.
    • Feeding Chihuahuas is not a hard task, neither is it complex, these dogs do not require any special attention; you only have to ensure they get a balanced diet.
    • With our Chihuahuas for sale, you’re assured of getting a puppy that will not only bring joy and liveliness to your house but also one that will be great company both outdoors and indoors. Rest assured that you’re getting the best in terms of beauty, discipline and health.

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