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Petland’s Puppy Health and Wellness Policies

Petland’s Puppy Health and Wellness Policies

We’re working to end cruelty & substandard care

The pet industry has been painted as ruthless, cruel, and insensitive towards animals. There have also been claims made that we buy from “puppy mills” — or substandard breeders. These allegations are false. Petland does not do business with puppy mills.

In contrast to some portrayals of our industry and our store, we share in the concern of communities and have a common objective to put puppy mills out of business. That’s why we’re working continually to push for the highest standards of care at our breeder facilities and in our own facilities.

We’ve seen the pictures and heard the news reports, and as compassionate animal lovers, we are sickened and saddened. We agree there is a problem with substandard breeders here in the country.

However, pet stores are not part of the problem. Instead, pet stores are required to sell animals from USDA-licensed facilities and meet all government and industry standards. A recent USDA investigation revealed that 81% of large breeders selling puppies on the internet were not licensed and regulated by the USDA.

But instead of pointing fingers or assigning blame, we’re working towards a solution. That’s why we formed a coalition to improve animal welfare and work in a collaborative effort with a cross section of the pet industry, including animal welfare organizations as well as the veterinarian and academic community. We understand our responsibility as animal welfare and pet industry leaders to ensure the dogs in our country are treated humanely. It’s part of our goal to put these bad actors out of business.

About our process and standards for care

Our stores work directly with breeders to make sure puppies and their parents are cared for. Once a puppy is accepted at Petland, extensive care requirements are in place to ensure they stay healthy.

Here are just a few of the rigorous care requirements & protocols we maintain for our puppies:

  • All Petland puppies are checked by at least two and in many cases three veterinarians before being offered to customers.
  • All Petland puppies are microchipped and can be enrolled in Petland’s Enhanced Protection Program, a strategic partnership that combines a national microchip database registry with an Amber Alert-type service, providing an enhanced layer of protection for Petland pets and their families.
  • Our kennel system is state-of-the-art and designed by Petland. It exceeds all state and local laws. Our kennels are cleaned continuously, under the direction of the consulting veterinarian, throughout the day by trained technicians who are experts in maintaining clean and sanitary conditions.
  • The consulting veterinarian must provide a health inspection to all new arrivals and fill out a Petland Veterinarian check in sheet and/or a state mandated veterinarian health certificate.
  • Petland requires veterinarian documentation on each incoming puppy’s medical history, including vaccinations and de-wormings.
  • The consulting veterinarian sets the protocols for ongoing vaccinations, de-wormings, and parasite control.
  • Our trained kennel staff are the eyes and ears for the consulting veterinarian. Any follow-up care of a stressed or sick animal is provided based on protocols established by the consulting veterinarian. Any medicine that is administered in store is based on veterinarian recommendations.
  • Every store has a support care room for any pet that has a minor illness and not available for sale. Puppies, like young human children are prone to simple upper respiratory infections and digestive tract disorders. (Snotty noses and diarrhea)
  • Any animal that has more critical medical needs are treated at the veterinarian’s clinic.
  • The veterinarian is the final authority on care and if a pet is available for sale.

How we make sure our puppies are cared for after they go home:

  • All Petland locations work closely with a consulting veterinarian that provides guidance and care for the pets during their stay at Petland and continue this need after a pet moves to its new home.
  • Petland supports a Spay/Neuter program and offers literature explaining the benefits of this common, low risk medical procedure.
  • Petland provides a Puppy & Kitten Health Warranty. The warranty covers infectious diseases for an initial period and congenital and hereditary disorders for one or more years.
  • When a Petland puppy goes home, the new owner also receives a Puppy Resource Kit. This kit includes a basic canine obedience training instruction DVD and a toll-free phone number for free consultations with a certified canine trainer for the life of the Petland pet. It also includes information on Petland’s Enhanced Protection Program, a lost pet recovery service.

Petland stores help make the community a better place

At Petland, we’re dedicated to the wellbeing of the pets in the entire community. And with our Pets for a Lifetime! program, Petland attempts to ensure the pets it places into homes never burden an animal shelter. Petland’s program helps Petland customers find new homes for their pets if, for any reason, the owner can no longer fulfill the lifetime care responsibility.

Petland stores partner with national and local charities as well as as community organizations. Our programs include:

  • Adopt-A-Pet: Many of our stores partner with local shelters and rescue groups. Our Petland Adopt-A-Pet Program has found forever homes for more than 350,000 homeless pets. We have proudly assisted a local Humane Society to find homes for all their adoptable dogs.
  • Pet Therapy at Petland: Pet therapy at Petland is the introduction of pets in the therapeutic treatment of humans. Pet therapy is a natural extension of Petland’s local efforts. At Petland we often take our pets to visit school children and nursing home residents. Petland stores also participate in Pets in the Classroom, a national grant program of the Pet Care Trust enabling teachers to have a pet in their classroom. Last year, Petland fulfilled 106 grants to teachers.
  • Safari Stan’s Children Charities: Safari Stan’s Children Charities by Petland was founded in 1994. Petland has two primary children’s charities – Make-A-Wish of America and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Petland has fulfilled nearly 200 pet related wishes for the children at Make-A-Wish and last year our stores collected over $93,000 for St. Jude’s, bringing our total donation to $240,000 in 7 years.
  • Breeder Visits & Conferences: Petland sponsors breeder conferences in conjunction with the United States Department of Agriculture and the American Kennel Club.

Watch this video to learn more about Petland’s committment to animal welfare and everything we do to make sure our customers are matched with happy and healthy pets:

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