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How Petland is Staying Safe during the Holiday Season

November 20, 2020

Over the last year, Petland has increased safety measures within our stores, which is especially important as we approach the Holiday season where we want to be with loved ones the most. As a family-owned and operated business, Petland Mall of Georgia, strives to provide a clean and healthy environment for our pets, our employees, and customers alike.

Our team members begin their day with a temperature check followed by quality time with our furry friends. In addition, Petland Mall of Georgia has a hospital grade air purification system, equips our employees with masks, and has sanitation stations throughout the store that are available to both our employees and customers. Our puppies continue to enjoy socialization time, from a distance of course! With a reservation, customers can interact with our adorable puppies within their own socialization room which provides for a clean and healthy option for all. While this pandemic has affected each of us differently, we continue to strive to create the very best environment for our entire Petland family!

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