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  • Petland Mall of Georgia Myths v. Facts

    00bb2bdI want to share with you a story that is very emotional and close to home for me.

    It’s the story of my store and all the good it does, but it’s also the story of groups who will do anything to make their voices known and their false, emotional claims heard.

    My store puts our pets first in everything we do. This has always been at the foundation of our business and how we operate. We simply do not cut corners when it comes to the health and wellbeing of our pets.

    However, radical groups have painted stores like mine as ruthless, cruel and insensitive towards animals. They use not-so-wholesome tactics to advance their agenda, going as far as they possibly can to make their points known.

    Thankfully, my staff, the Mall of Georgia community, and my customers know their claims are the furthest thing from the truth.

    The truth is we’re working to end cruelty and substandard care in this community by buying only from breeders we can personally guarantee ensure the health and medical needs of pets.

    The truth is my staff works around the clock to ensure my pets receive the best nutrition, ample socialization time, loving attention and veterinary care.

    The truth is we match happy, healthy pets to great families.

    And finally, the truth is we will continue fulfilling our mission to care for every pet and doing what we think is right.

    To learn more about how we love and care for our pets, visit

    Brad Parker, Owner, Petland Mall of Georgia

  • Think About It Thursday: The Story Of Our Breeders

    story-of-our-breedersFor many years, I’ve worked with dedicated professional dog breeders to bring puppies to my store that are healthy, energetic, and lovable family pets. As our partners in caring for the lives our customers take home, these hardworking people are critical to our mission.

    Along with Petland’s Director of Animal Welfare Education, I personally make sure these breeders — and any new breeders I work with — meet or exceed all federal, state, and local laws.

    I’m extremely proud of the work these breeders do, and am proud to call them my partners. Today, I invite you to learn a little bit more about the breeders I work with in this short video. You’ll get to know a little bit more about my passion for bringing people and pets together, and why I do what I do.

  • A Day in the Life of a Petland Puppy

    jessica bio pic (1)Have you ever wondered what life is like for a puppy at Petland? It might seem like it’s all fun and games, but caring for these little puppies actually requires a lot of hard work. At Petland Mall of Georgia, our goal is make sure these precious pups receive the best care while they’re at our store. To do that, we employ an entire team of dedicated, expert staff working full-time.

    “It’s like being in a room full of children!” said kennel tech Jessica Middleton, who has been part of the Petland Mall of Georgia team since August 2015. Along with the store’s consulting veterinarian, Jessica and her team have the special responsibility of caring for the puppies’ medical and health needs.

    Many employees, including Jessica, have unique backgrounds that make them well suited for their jobs. Prior to joining the Petland team, Jessica interned at a veterinarian’s office and received on-the-job training on administering medications and vaccines.

    Breakfast and Morning Clean-up

    Rise and shine! When the kennel team arrives bright and early in the morning, they get straight to work.


    First up on the to-do list is serving breakfast. The kennel team works closely with the store’s consulting veterinarian so each puppy receives a nutritionally balanced meal. This ensures the active puppies grow up to be healthy and strong.


    After breakfast, the team cleans the kennels top to bottom. Immediately, the staff cleans and disinfects each play and visitation room, making sure no spot is overlooked. The store uses a state-of-the art system designed by a team of animal welfare experts which can be easily deconstructed. They also clean all of the pup’s dishes for a fresh start every morning after breakfast.


    Throughout the Day: Routine Checkups

    Over the course of each day, the kennel team weighs the puppies and takes their temperatures. The team also gives them medicine, preventative treatments and vaccinations as directed by the store’s consulting veterinarian.


    Puppy Playtime and Socialization


    Every puppy gets to interact with staff and customers throughout the day. Working with the store’s pet counselors, the kennel team ensures each of them is getting just the right amount of play and socialization. “For puppies, there is such a thing as having too much fun,” Jessica said. “It’s important that they have plenty of time to take naps, relax and rest.”


    Spa Time


    The Petland Mall of Georgia staff also make time to bathe and groom each puppy during the busy day. They trim nails and brush fur so everyone looks and smells great. The puppies even get their teeth brushed and their ears cleaned, daily.


    Good Night


    Before it’s time to say goodnight, the puppies eat dinner. The kennel staff also clean out the rooms one last time to make sure everyone is ready for a good night’s rest.


    Hard Works Pays Off


    Since joining the Petland Mall of Georgia team, Jessica said she has learned so much about puppies and their needs. “I’ve always been a dog lover, but I understand now that dogs aren’t just dogs. They have feelings and needs.”

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